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Hello Hello Hello! Welcome to my channel!

Like I said in the video, I’m getting fed up with people on YouTube offering finance advice, expecting us to be able to follow when they don’t give us the steps, they show us their profit but don’t show us how they go there!

At First Hand Finances we’re going to do everything FIRST HAND with NO BULLSH*T! It’s simple we’re going to try out every possible *get rich quick* scheme online, from stocks to dropshipping we’re giving everything a go and creating our own guides for people to follow in the future.

I’m going to make mistakes so you don’t have to!
If you need to get in touch drop me a DM over on Twitter!

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  1. you have new subscriber. i saw couple of your videos and i like what i see. i will take some notes from your approach.

  2. You should do a vid on all the free racing tips from betting gods, sportinglife, betting empire etc, they claim you get profit.

  3. yea bigger stakes worry me mostly because of betfair going down lost money last week due to it couldnt get laybet on and also as you know I do tennis trading player getting injured and retiring could happen – that is one reason why early on in trade I try to get profitable on both players and remove liability

  4. Great video my favourite strategy for football trading is baking and laying the favourite and laying the draw at the same price as I backed the favourite because which ever team wins you’ve made a profit.

  5. I have no ideia what type of odds you bet but my exprience you need find value odds always around 2.00
    Like in over goals limite or 2.5 goals
    Wait 15 20 min in teams AAA that are teams that score goals around 2 or 3 goals …. also. For you make money in long term or have income
    You need work around 2 % from your capital. Means like imagine you have 1000 pds capital you only able to invest 2 % and as i said always odds around 2.00

  6. I started using £2 bets, built up my bank and then did some suicidal lay bets for low returns which coupled with some very bad luck on occasions made it feel like a game of snakes and ladders. The low stakes however meant that I learnt my lessons (don't risk 40% of your bank on one bet is one) and i am now moving onwards and upwards.

  7. You can’t really scale your profit up like that as in £10 = this and £100 is 10x and £1000 = x100 that amount. Exiting the trade for £1000 will be difficult in a lot of markets unless there is huge liquidity in them. I guess most EPL games would be ok for liquidity but you would need to check for sure. Good luck

  8. Nice honest vid.
    My 2 pence worth. Build up your own database looking at the market you want to focus on. Also bear in mind around now it’s end of season in a lot of euro leagues so the results can be exaggerated.. over 2.5 pick normally becomes a cheeky small punt on ‘any unquoted’ and vice versa.

  9. Have to love the transparency. and "realistic" stakes. Keep doing what your doing. Everyone talks about profits but no many show the loses. Trading is still gambling

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