$40 Profit Trading Betfair Australia | Simple Strategy to Make Money

This example of horse racing trading in the Australian horse racing markets as requested by viewers of this channel. Learn how I made money with horse race trading on Betfair. The recent rise in trading activity has made the Australian horse racing markets a more attractive prospect to Betfair traders.

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This video shows you how to trade Australian horse racing on Betfair’s sports exchange.

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  1. Excellent video a real gem 💎 because Australia markets have over 100 races at night time but one think to point out is the commission is not the same in fact its much higher and some race courses are even more than 10%

  2. I guess I am much slower than everyone else here cos I didn't quite understand how that all worked. I would be grateful if someone replied with a brief step by step.
    I get the market movements and why prices fluctuate etc. But using the Betfair exchange I don't get how to ensure a profit from laying and backing. And I didn't understand the 21.09 bet on each horse..
    But. I subscribed n liked and am gonna keep watching more. I am new to Betfair so it's a bit of a whirl of numbers to me at the moment.
    But I am loving this content.
    Yeah. Brief step by step explanation if anyone can be bothered would be awesome, from 1 punter to another.
    Thanks all.

  3. class update so true the change during lockdown ..and yes money traded each race in Australian racing has gone up 10 fold in last 3 months ..

  4. I started looking at this as there appears to be a lot of AUS markets, but you need to be selective as some of them have very little volume so prices do bounce over wide ranges. U.S. does have some good volume but again you need to be selective.

  5. Maybe telling you something you already know, but download the LiveNetTv app, click on Australian and all live Ozzy horse racing and dogs, as well as racing from round the world is on there. That's sky1 and Sky2 racing. It's not that far behind either, less than 8 seconds with a good connection. The laying every horse at 1.5 in running seems to work better for me on Australian racing, mainly on handicaps. You can get 3 matched at 1.5 regular over there as its not stitched up just yet the in running like it is over here. Good luck pal

  6. Hi Caan,

    You (usually) look very tired mate… Like me, your obviously not a morning guy! hehe!

    On a seriously note…. just to add to what you said regarding UK TV coverage…… There is decent UK coverage Tues to Sat on "Sky Sports Racing" this is free between 2am until 7am (although the racing doesn't normally start until 3-4am (so before that is just build up)….. I would suggest not trading Sun or Mon mornings as TV coverage is only until 6am… they cover less meetings, plus the race quality is much lower on these day, so also in turn the liquidity is much lower too….. Although, you can expect to see about £600k+ per televised race on a Saturdays with usually 4 meetings covered!….I found a lot of the races (unless a there's problem) usually start on time to 2 minutes late (much more reliable like UK racing), and Sky is usually 10 to 12 seconds behind….You can also use the Sky TV's on screen start timer and compare it with Betfair's start timer and actually see how far behind your pictures really are too! That's really hardy if you are trading late on!

    Thank's for the video, great info as always….. A well deserved "Like" from me!

    All the best,


  7. Hi bro, in your opinion, why this geektoy mode is better than "in play" ? I know the race didnt start yet, but I mean layout

  8. Well, I am in semi-retirement and have always been an early riser. So I am trading on the Ozzie markets in the morning/early afternoon and the U.S. markets in the evening. You can make money but I use smaller bets than usual. As for Swedish afternoon races – forget it – awful!!

  9. Hi Caan, good stuff. For your, "Traded Volume Bars," up top, can you please share what "Seconds" settings you use for the Chart Range and Sample Rate? Thank you.

  10. Hi I have watched lots of ur vids over the past couple of months, been match betting for a few months now aswell, I picked up match betting fairly quickly and looking to do trading after I have done with that.

    However I have one problem, I have no interest in sports whatsoever (I know 😂) would u advise me to bother with trading knowing this?

  11. Are these prices changing purely because of Joe public gamblers expressing their opinions or are there any other influences unknown to the masses influencing prices , thanks

  12. We have a feast of racing over hear to play with. The markets have less liquid but it allows for more violent up & down markets & the pro trader can identify trends & get a feel for what is required. If you know what your doing you can have some fun in Aussie Markets. You'll need 6 months to get that feel for what is required but there is nothing wrong with starting out

  13. Almost every video I watch I learn something new and slightly adapt my trading tactics! Great video keep em coming! Cant tell you how much money you've made me lol

  14. What course do you suggest I purchase to improve my scalping on horse racing prerace? And do you recommend scalping on football. I'm a bit wary with the restricted movement pregame. Cheers mate.

  15. Caan, could you explain in a straightforward way in another video the whole issue about fees in the Auzzie markets – the Betfair explanations are not really that understandable, I can see in NSW you get charged throughput – is that both on back and lay bets plus betfair comission? And what is the situation in the other states?

  16. Hi, great video and great content. Would you mind spelling the software that you are using. I am not a native speaker and I couldn't make out the name. Thank you. 🙂

  17. It seems that on Youtube the more valuable the content is, the fewer people like/subscribe. I'm pretty far for being a trader myself, but the explanations and Caan's thread of thinking are pretty darn coherent.

  18. Cracking stuff mate. I was watching 3rd fav during start of video and it went from 9.4 to around 6.8. Amazing how quick the prices moved. Do 5 of them races before breakfast is a nice earner 👍👍👍

  19. The only bad thing about your vids is that everybody will know about your ideas in about 5 minutes. Because you have so much respect. 🙂

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