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A long time ago the Betfair exchange did have a demo version of their betting exchange on their site. That was eventually removed after a few years and a barren spell followed.

When Betfair started up in the US they launched a new simulator which I covered in a previous video: –

Now, Betfair has formally released a new betting exchange simulator which you can play around with to your heart’s content without any risk of losing money.

If you use Bet Angel, of course, you already have a practice mode that you can use with all functions of the software with. Automation, Excel and all those other goodies.

But always be aware of why practice mode can’t be an exact copy of the exchange: –

Anyhow, I hope this video is useful.

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  1. When I saw the title of this video I thought it might be some sort of new mock market feature for bet angel that we could use to test our automation. Alas, no such luck 🙂

  2. Given how busy/nocturnal you've been with the Melbourne Cup, I'm very grateful that you took the time to film and edit this! Just great Peter, thanks so much.

  3. I know you already have an older video on US Elections but can you please do one on 2020, perhaps after the whole thing has settled. This is a crazy one.

  4. Hi Peter, I'm a fan of all your stuff and I think what you do is really top draw. I was wondering if you have ever thought of doing anymore Q&A sessions?


  5. Interestingly enough, I spoke with a firm that will try an bring IP racing, using fixed odds that will change for soft books.
    No laying, just backing, based on probability of winning, based on distance travelled and how long left.
    The bookies will include their margin, and the punter can play IP as opposed to bets pre race.
    X bet has or is introducing it to North American racing.
    The info will suit the bookie as they will use for self purpose and hedging….win win as usual!🙄

  6. Peter, could you update Bet Angel with an account reset button like the one in this simulator? It would make everything so much easier.

  7. This one is dozen times ahead of the one we saw last time. Difference between this simulator and using practice mode in software is the consume of data, I don't think Betfair likes people using their resources if they don't even place bets through software, so I think this is a clever solution for the novices to get the first contact and knowing the basics first-hand

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