Betfair Horse Racing Trading – How To Create A Free Bet With A Simple Trading Strategy

In this video I will show you how you can use a pre race horse trading strategy to give yourself a free bet to have punt on any horse race going on any day on Betfair. By following some simple trading rules including looking for support and resistance, you can give yourself loads of free bets every day through pre race horse racing trading. If you are going to bet on a horse race, you might as well do it risk free.

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Link do palpite

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  1. Thank you. Just wondered what was the outcome of the 2nd trade at N Abbot please? Did you land the free bet or did you take a loss? Thanks in advance.

  2. DO you exit the trade if the lay isn't matched by the start of the race or do you take it in play?

  3. Thanks for this Fred. The good thing about trading horses is that you are not sat around for yonks waiting to place a bet. (unlike some tennis strategies). More horse trading tips would be great!!

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