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In this video I discuss some trading techniques that will help you think outside the box.
“Weight of money” is a term used in Betfair trading; In the examples shown in this video it os simply referring to prices of selections being ‘forced’ to contract, by the market.

In the multiple bets examples, this is dictated by the amount of bets that are riding onto the last selection.
IE An accumulator riding onto the fourth selection could result in a huge amount of money that could be won. Bookmakers’ algorithms are linked to Betfair and a lot of their trading is done by “trading out” these positions.

More explained in the video …

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  1. Hey up Roy. Lovely to hear your dulcet tones once more. Glad your alive and well and looking forward to some new content
    All the best. Captainfantastic365

  2. need help totally irrelevant topic to this video. im trying to lay an acca on events starting at different times. back bet acca. arsenal to draw brighton to win.50 pound back bet. lay bet placed on smarkets with the new Smarkets lay tool. 450 pound liability. arsenal game is played first what if arsenal dip not draw and that then means the back bet completely loses. so I will be 50 pound down. then I still have my lay acca on the line and will be banking on brighton not to win. and if they do win id also lose 450 quid meaning id be half a grand down. really struggling here please help.

  3. Great video, I like your no nonsense style of videos, simple clear advice and help that is given without the carrot being dangled for more information being found in a paid for course.

    The clues are there if you follow ITV racing…as soon as the winner crosses the finiishing line there is a price given for the " big race " in a months time, or how quick the presenters will quote what the winning trainer did on another course the same day.

    What do you think about "namesakes" being cute names or even arab names which cannot be pronounced having the opposite effect?

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