Betfair trading – A losing trade

Further to my other video about dealing with losses here is a losing trade from last week.

I recorded a chunk of videos and this was the only loss. I tend to lose around one or two trades in ten.

I tend to make them when something unexpected happens or something blocks my expected progress.

In this video I got in slightly early on my trade and somebody was stopping the trade from reverting to a fair price before the start of the race so I had to take the loss.

Link do palpite

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  1. What do you mean "Getting nervous" ? Oh come on ! You are a millionare for crying out loud and you worry about £40:)

  2. they sat on the other side of the market because it was at the top of its resistance ….hence they made money!!!!

  3. peter can you please explain why you layed at the top of resistance , and if there is no ooomf as you put it " thats all the more reason not to go there "

  4. Yep been here a few times myself. I find on occasions you are about to get filled and BANG – the market jumps and moves 2-3 ticks in the wrong direction and you are left staring thinking WTF did it do that for?
    Golden rule here is to take it on the chin and go and have a cup of tea!

  5. Good video Peter, thanks. If you were to lump in a large stake way outside the money where it was stagnant leading up to the off, could it trigger any WOM-bots or similar to swing it back your way?

  6. Thanks for the video.

    Great to hear your thought process during a trade, particularly interesting to see how long your willing to hold out to see if the trade goes back in your favour and most importantly why you're willing to wait.

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