Betfair trading – Cross matching confusion – Peter Webb: Bet Angel

Cross matching is a confusing area.

Basically if you place a bet on one selection, Betfair take bet and push it to the opposing position.

This is best seen in a two selection market, which is what I am doing in this video

Link do palpite

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  1. Is this why im not getting matched when there is nobody in the queue, please? I mean sometimes I do but lately less than half the time and its making it hard to close the trade out.

  2. I know this is a veryy old video, but does this mean that the tradedVolume values returned by the listMarketBook API call are not entirely accurate. For example, if I wanted to backtest a dobber strategy, I would be looking to see if that runner matched at or below half the odds I backed it at. If I see it matched, then I simulate a win for my strategy on this race. Does the cross matching mean that I could get my lay bet matched through cross matching, even in cases where the API call does not register a traded volume for the equivalent odds I wanted matching? If so that would surely render historical data of the tradedVolume variety completely unreliable?

  3. Peter I posted in the past an issue I had with the Practice mode on Betfair vs Real Money listed on the exchange and as a trader not completely relying on what you see. I found that when I bet real money on the exchange the bets that were displayed where not available. When I attempted to bet and with ladder mode displayed , I could see where they were listed clearly available. I was told that it was in some cases a bot listing the bet, however my argument was how come the "bot" knew that my bet was coming 1 sec before I went for the match?

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