Betfair trading for a living | How sceptics can be your greatest edge

Betfair trading for a living is something that lots of people aspire too.

After all, how many people would love to watch and be betting on sports for a living? It sounds like an ideal lifestyle!

The reality of doing this for a living is a little less glamorous than how it’s often positioned. It often involves working just as hard as you would do with a ‘normal’ job, but without any security.

But over the last 20 years, that is exactly what I have done. I was trading before anybody else, went full time when I had a good career and had to invent trading software to be able to do what I wanted.

When I spotted the opportunity of sports trading I knew exactly what I was looking at and I pioneered the concept of trading the sports market on betting exchanges, the same way you would trade on financial markets.

But the story of how I started that and what happened next is often lost in common scepticism & misinformation, put forward for many reasons.

But my path through the markets has been deliberate, carefully planned and documented. Despite that, from the very start to 20 years later. People would prefer that my story is somewhat different.

At first, this really would drive me mad, but ultimately I came to terms with it when I realised it actually led me into a whole new arena that made me even more effective in the markets.

I thought it was worth sharing that experience with you, so you can take some inspiration in whatever you are doing. Whether it’s Betfair trading or some other path.

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  1. Great!! You went to a controversial career and became an iconic reference for those who really understand the concept of it. (myself included). For those who can't see it (perhaps because of scepticism of this industry) there is nothing we can do other than wishing them to keeping filling up exchange with volume and liquidity…

  2. Hi Peter. I have a few questions for you. Do you have a work email that I can contact you on please?

  3. Hi Peter, great to hear your story of skepticism and positivity! I was at one of your early seminars at a Coventry Hotel many moons ago (Not sure which year) but I'm sorry to say whilst I have always had the enthusiasm for Trading, I still haven't mastered the skill! I'm still positive though and haven't given up. (I think my main problem is getting side tracked by trying other methods, tipsters, betting bots, etc) To be honest I've used BA on a couple of free trials but I use your main rival 'AGT' as I have a fully paid license which doesn't involve a subscription!
    I need to get the skills to Trade successfully so that the subscription cost will be a minor issue!
    By the way I remember at your seminar you mentioned avoiding your small children accidentally placing bets by playing with your keyboard – no doubt they're all grown up now and have their own keyboards – you just have to watch out for the pet cat practising it's typing skills!
    Thanks again for sharing your story, Paul.

  4. am very sceptical have saw some of your video about trading cheltenham and think your telling porky pies. if you trade 15 minutes before off i have trouble getting 50.00 quid stakes matched so with the size stakes you use i find it odd you can make as much on one race i dont think you can get 500.00 or in your case bigger trade size amounts matched in the time frame that you trade in. its all one big con to sell the betangel.

  5. You are by far the best resource for understanding this game online I really hope to meet you one day.

  6. Have you ever considered trading UFC? Given the often wild swings in momentum during a bout and the fact that there are so many ways to lose, I think there is a lot of potential. I’m novice trader but have watched MMA/UFC for 16 yrs so have a reasonable knowledge of what is going on. Watch a few events and I think you’ll agree with me. Feel free to send me a message if you’d like to know more about the sport.

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  8. Excellent video Pete! You’re doing great and providing insightful content for us Lehman’s 🙂

  9. Peter when will you be doing the video on how to price up match odds in football please ?. You did thr one on goals and said that you will do this one too. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  10. Peter you're an absolute inspiration! Thank you for this, I really enjoyed you telling your journey. 🙂

  11. Peter, many moons ago I tried to get TED interested in your doing a presentation. I never heard from them and guess neither did you. Their loss. Just name-dropping that you'd met Warren Buffett years ago would have piqued much interest. So pleased you have made it past 20 years of trading. I wonder how many others have succeeded thanks to you?

  12. Great video. I take away a lot of ideas. I didn't really enjoy pre-race but I actually do enjoy inplay horses despite people saying "its a mug tax" or "you WONT make inplay pay!"
    it drives me to try different things like changing liability, market selection and making up my own set of rules. After 11 months I still believe I can make it pay for me based on mindset & my own rules I'm comfortable with. It really is time in the market. Even races I don't like the look of I'll still watch & observe because why not

  13. You will Turn 53 in this March 2021 and you have been trading for more than 20 year now and Time just fly by because you enjoy Trading so much. Keep up the Good Job. Happy Birthday In Advance.

  14. Most people have heard of 'professional gambler' and accept they exist, the problems occur when you try to re-branding it as "sports trader".

  15. No good deed… I'm very new to sports trading and I desperately wish I had stumbled onto it ten years ago. All the work I have done has necessarily involved recording, analysing and developing insight in order to improve and that is all Peter has done. The bias he has encountered is really snobbery – and it sounds like being in England might be part of the problem. Who cares what other people think? That's the real lesson of life in my opinion. Anyway, I'm here now so let's get on with it. Fantastic content Peter! Thanks!

  16. Looking back at that first ever trade when both your back and lay bets were matched did that put you in a green up position or would you only have profited if the horse won/ lost?

  17. As I know "People who don't know / understand start to criticise others". I think is time to publish the book of your journey. How long we have to wait for a masterclass from BA team?

  18. The question that has to be asked is ……and I'm a massive fan . But why do you trade ?? Just to promote a product ? You charge 30 quid a month for betangel basically and you have over 40 000 subs . So even with a pessimistic 2 thousand out of your 40 thousand subs alone …..your making 60 000 a month

  19. Very nice video. I found that betfair have 1.1 million customers do you know more or less how many people are making living from trading on BF ?

  20. Wasting your breath trying to explain to people what you do for a living. The only people that don't think it's possible are the people that don't understand it.

  21. How much of ‘Bet’ angel is actually betting? I have always felt he name is doing a de service to the tool . I see it more as an execution tool geared towards trading with betting as an outdated option.
    I think your skeptics are more inclined to take an artistic approach to betting , whereas the traders who take your approach are more analytical and will most likely have an academic discipline in statistics and modelling .
    I personally think , the devil is in the detail , and a 10 mins video is not enough to shed light on the holy grail of private databases. May be that’s a video for future? Look forward . Thanks for this one.

  22. Another fantastic video, anyone new to Peter see his video on Psychology (rock paper scissiors video too). There was also another video where Peter explained his journey. Really like these reflective videos. For the record if you doubt Peter is active in these markets trade them! chances are you are on the losing side, everytime you think why did they pull the bid or offer (and the price jumps or gaps against you by 5 to 10 tics) its prob him!

  23. It would be fascinating for your wife to do a video on the early days of living with a full time trader, as you have said you gave up your job and i think you said remortgaged the house.

  24. You do such a great job why worry about naysayers they are everywhere in life, just keep taking your profits and enjoy your cocktails on that sunny beach. If you ever get the time. Very best of fortune to you.

  25. I came across a video the other that was basically saying sports traders were con men just out to promote their products and have no interest in teaching people how to trade. Clearly the person who made the video has watched Peter and others and is not very good at trading. Peter, especially has taught me lots since I started to use Bet Angel and I’m learning to become a better trader. 👏🏼

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