Betfair trading | Key tips to growing your trading bank

Thanks for all the positive feedback I got from this video: –

In that video, I talked about how I managed to grow £300 to £1300 in just short of a month.

I received quite a few comments and questions on that video, so I have done this video as a follow up to help answer some of those questions.

As I have mentioned there are no ‘tricks’ to successful trading. But if you are looking at specific Betfair trading strategies or approaches to the betting markets, you can do some useful things.

These approaches to how you trade will help you understand how I achieve that growth in my trading bank in double-quick time.

They include some advice on using different Betfair trading strategies in different markets, so some advice around money management and the specifics on Betfair trading.

You don’t see these discussed much, so I thought I would group my thoughts in this video.

They should help you trade more effectively than an instructed approach to the market.

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  1. Very useful video, good tips and for a newish trader like me this info is like gold dust. Out of Interest, when the team scoring percentage was asked, my initial answer was 50%, based on two teams with equal chance of scoring at face value, but then that came down to 40% based on what you spoke about. Either way very interesting and clear videos.Thanks Peter

  2. Really good vid Pete. I have been using the green hedging button throughout a multi traded market – doh , thansk for putting me straight there – kearnt so much from you over past few months.

  3. Hi Peter, when your deciding what to trade in horse racing, do you just look at the market and graphs or do you look at who is racing and make a decision on what you think people will back? Thanks for the videos too, they've been helpful and informative. Have you ever thought about doing a video course?

  4. If Liquidity is measured per second and the amounts are £1 £50 £3 £75 £12 £250 etc do you choose a rough average to gauge the liquidity or take the lowest or highest?

  5. Peter, another great vid, very informative , was wondering if you have ever done a vid on Lay to back and Inplay trading Lay to back, there is plenty of content out there for back to Lay but hardly any on Lay to back and what info and where from you would get your info to back up a selection covering flat and more so now jumps as we are heading into that code for Lay to back.

  6. A good idea for a video might be: Which markets are more suited to fast/numerous multiple entry trades and which ones are one/two trade markets and why.

  7. Why dont you just tell everybody exactly what metrics you use and when and lets be done with all this video stuff. There are probably over 500 videos on everything except what people need to know to become profitable. Just tell them what they need to know. – Im laughing…

  8. I’ve implemented the dutching method to my betting with bet angel with excellent success, is there a way I can automate it so I can load up my bets say 60sec before the race? While I’m at work.

  9. When is a good time to anticipate a move (should you enter a possible gamble before money arrives on the horse in question after jockey on a 3x timer) or wait for £ confirming move? and when should you wait for confirming signals ie money entering market before entering yourself (not a possible gamble situation)?

  10. If you started with a £300 bank that limits you to what you can do. So you cant for instance do what you suggested to do is trade a runner that is say 6.0 with a £100 lay stake as you would need £600 in the Bank to trade it. So is it best to look for opening Backing positions rather than opening lay positions when having a small Bank?

  11. Can you identify highly liquid markets during the morning show? Or do you have to wait until the last 10mins or less to see when the money arrives and at what pace to decide that there is adequate liquidity in the market?

  12. Refreshing yet again Peter. Be interested to know what are your preferred visual/lag indicators you use.

    PS. Looking well.

  13. Always nice to hear clear advice. Even if you're already following that advice. After 12-18 months I'm still sat here on occasion wondering if what I'm doing is correct? But each month that balance gets bigger, so I must be.

  14. Some really good, clear pearls of wisdom! In conjunction with the previous video it's extremely helpful, thank you! Looking forward to putting them into action

  15. Good simple points. How are you getting on with the inplay academy videos?
    I was thinking about using drone pics for inplay but I’m unsure of the future. As soon as they are shut down the edge disappears

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