Betfair trading | Long term profitable trading requires these three things

Betfair trading strategies are where most people start when they are trying to make some money when Betfair trading.

But the fact is that you need to look at three key elements of your trading in order to become long term profitable at betting or trading.

Betfair trading strategies are one thing, but mean nothing without the tactics to deploy them.

Money management is key if you are not going to lose your bank.

And last but not least you need to understand your own psychology, that of the market and in sports betting, what’s going on in the sport you are watching.

This video talks about how these key elements are essential to long term profitable trading.

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  1. Another excellent video. It shows you were a financial trader in the past. As you said before, a part of good psychology is to never trade your favourite football team.

  2. 0:20 L.M.F.A.O…..This is a good video that tells people how to approach the markets without smashing up their banks, which as a novice trader is inevitable, I imagine most people who become successful longer term are people who have be told exactly what to do by another person. I will admit, I have struggled to learn the pre off markets even though I understand how they work. It's a bit like learning to drive and crashing your car on your test day. I should have spent my money better and maybe gone straight in to financial markets instead. The professional automation files on the ladders kill the novice trader every time. Usual Disclaimer: Big thanks to Peter and everybody at BA for their constant development of the site, it might not come across in my posts but it is always appreciated.

  3. I had been waiting on this video from you "lessons learned in 20 years" video that i have watched a few times
    now i just need BF to un-suspend my account

  4. Have you ever considered trading financial markets? Do you think successful sports traders could transition more easily into financial markets?

  5. Thank You Peter. Well I have trading Football mainly top 6 league including UEFA Champion league for last few months now. I must say Psychology is core in term of trading. When my Bankroll went up by 10 % and now back down to -5 %. I really want to double my stake to chase that money. But, I have mentally stop myself from doing that.

  6. Great stuff Peter! Subscribed & "belled"! I have a lot to catch up on your channel, it seems! Thanks for the time and effort you put into all these videos! :))

  7. Good video. 👍. How did you learn what strategies go with what market selections? How many strategies do you use yourself? Many or few?

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