Betfair trading | Profitable trading delivered from the sky!

Betfair trading offers many opportunities to profit from betting or trading on your favourite sports.

But have you ever looked to the sky for inspiration? Trading opportunities can come from many angles, but the sky actually is one of them.

Pre-pandemic it was common for jockeys to travel larges distances between races. But even in the current era, turning up for one race, especially in a helicopter could be a significant sign that there is something going on in the market.

Even if it’s not a jockey, a trainer or owner should trigger your interest in what is happening in the market. Their presence at a racecourse should get you more interested in why and get you checking for clues on what is happening in the market.

While it’s not an everyday occurrence, these sorts of things can create some excellent trades.

You may see I’ve got a scar on my head and a puffy eye. Nothing serious, but it was a mountain bike crash.

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  1. Hi Peter, if I want to start trading football (profitably), what is the best approach to take? I understand strategy, staking and discipline/psychology but actually identifying the value situations is daunting.

  2. hi Peter, i seen a reply to my comment in notifications but cannot locate it here to read it fully .
    the reason i stated no commentary neccasary is that you have previously stated it would be too hard to comment and trade live at same time . not quite sure it would be too hard anyway as you state you can very easy pick how a market would behave just be looking at it due to the fact you have traded them thousands of times . also i would think there would be ample time to explain why you entered a market where you did after placing the trades, theres plenty of sit and watch time while in a market. another way of doing it would be to trade 4/5 markets in a row live {maybe last races of day} then answer questions in comments. i have watched all vids and subscribed to betangel and i know how many traders would love this opportunity to watch you trade in real time . thx

  3. Hi Peter, I've got a question after watching another video of yours, I would have commented there but it's a year old. I've been making huge margins from low league handicap tennis betting and I've run through so many accounts that are now all limited. Unfortunately Betfair exchange doesn't offer handicap markets so I was wondering if you knew any exchanges that might? Or any other ways to get around being limited? Thanks!

  4. great video peter ,i will love to see you create a channel covering the FTSE and DOW on a daily basis ,i remember years ago you were good at that and is a skill not given to anyone and i really will love to see you come back to that if possible .always a pleasure to watch your videos .

  5. Also a perfect example of the randomness which can screw up a perfectly good looking trade haha

  6. when are you going to post a live stream of you trading? i have seen many requests. no commentary needed i am sure many would love to just watch and learn and it would reconfirm trading is possible and profitable .

  7. and now to Bet Angel itself: How to set 'take SP' automatically. I have trawled through 33 pages of the forum and the User Guide only gives advice if a fixed price is known. This is one manual function I really wish to replicate in automation. Please compare the User Guide SP automation section with version 1.56.0 and you will see the problem.

  8. Cheers Peter very interesting 🤔 most of the time when everyone thinks that's the only ride that jockey has that day they very rarely win ? But you wil nearly almost win as a trader ? Funny thing I watched Judy Murray flying in to watch Andy Murray at Wimbledon and I layed Andy Murray against Denis shapovalov the looks she was giving him 😂😂 hope your getting better 👍👍👍👍

  9. Of no relevance to any of this but I am currently in the Congo, working, and I would like to know what the odds are of any BetAngel customers that are also in the DRC that have watched thus, as usual, informative clip!! As ever, keep up the good work especially for when I return home.

  10. In case you are wondering, my puffy right eye and mark on my head are from a mountain bike crash this week. It will take a few days to recover, but thankfully, despite crashing on a downhill section at 30mph, I only sustained cuts and bruises. I have ended up in hospital before with previous crashes, so I actually feel a bit sore, but quite lucky.

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