Betfair trading – Scalping – Using estimated position in queue on Bet Angel

On a betting exchange if you offer trades or bets into the exchange your opening trade or bet enters an order queue and sits there waiting to be matched.

Bet Angel contains a featured called estimated position in queue that will give you Bet Angel’s best guess as to where you are in the queue.

Because Betfair doesn’t allow us to look at the order book, we have to estimate where you are. The accuracy varies between markets but it’s better than no estimate at all.

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  1. About bloody time 😀 I asked for this in the forum years ago as another software provider already had it and was shot down by Dallas who said the info would be inacurrate. Excellent work. BA rules the roost.

  2. Peter, can this handle the constant cross match adjustments that appear in football? I have had a couple of trades where little was actually being taken but I got matched far quicker than expected because I flew up the queue. Chunks being removed, rapidly recalculated, then rebooked from cross matching was the only explanation I could see.

  3. What about if you have more than one order at a price i.e. when using batches? Will the estimate figure just show how close my first order is from the front and then once this gets matched how far my second is and so on? Also, any chance this can be selected as an additional figure in excel such as highest traded point and lowest traded point is please?

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