Betfair trading strategies – Using traded volume on Bet Angel

Bet Angel contains two traded volume indicators, using both you can identify key traded ranges and use this information to trade inside the current trading activity.

This video shows you this in action.

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  1. Having watched the video it is clear if you have enough moeny in your account you can push the market whichever way you choose, you put 3 orders in at less than the lay price and the market pushed in the right direction, surely if you would have also entered at the current price the money you entered below would push the market in the direction you wanted it to, The same would apply to backing, I would think if you are fortunate enough to have a few grand in your account it would be easy to bomb the market at the current price for a very easy few ticks. I noticed a remark on another site which eluded to this, I guess the only way of finding out would be to try it?

  2. Useful video as always, many thanks! How do I bring up the window in the centre right ? Not the price/volume chart but the chart with the selections, the current odds and the moving average. Many thanks for you reply.

  3. Excellent info thanks Peter. I am only in my second week of trading and have begun observing the traded ranges which has improved my understanding of where to better enter and exit.

  4. Been using BA for about 6 months and only realised now that there's a 60 second range in the traded volume..cant believe i missed something that obvious

  5. Is there market manipulation going on in this video? I can see big volume of money 4kish being pumped into the back side and taken out multiple times. I imagine see guy is trying to force the market down? Would that be a fairly correct assessment?

  6. Peter, at 1.20 you talk of a previous 60-second range. I can see it ok on the video – but cannot find any settings for it in Betangel? How do I set that feature please? I am using Betangel Trader rather than Professional whilst learning. Maybe it is only a Pro feature?

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