Betfair Trading Strategy for Beginners Revealed…

Take a look at this Betfair trading strategy as I share 3 trading examples with simple explanations that beginners can understand. For more advanced help see the other links in this description.

Betfair trading is the practice of placing two bets against each other, on the same selection, in order to make a profit when an advantage presents itself. It’s NOT taking excessive risk or guesswork as you will see with the Betfair trading strategies shared.


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Betfair Graphs Explained –
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How to Place a Betfair Trade –

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Simple explainer –
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If you are learning about Betfair trading then it’s important to understand the basics first. This beginners strategy uses the Geeks Toy trading software for Betfair. There are other versions available although it’s important to understand that the traditional website’s data is delayed. By using Betfair trading software we have a time and informational advantage that is crucial to all successful Betfair trading strategies.

This video is for informational purposes only. Always take great care with your trading decisions.

1:01 Explaining the Betfair trading strategy – the first example
12:11 Applying the process for another – second example
18:15 Using our strategy for a good result – third example

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In this video I share a Betfair trading strategy for beginners with full explanation.

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30 Comentários

  1. Ηi @Caan Berry! Really interesting video and thank you for giving a heads up mate! Can you please inform where I can find this formula-template with value fluctuation from betting companies?

  2. Not sure how that is aimed at beginners, it just looked like a lot of numbers on charts going up and down randomly without any explanation what was happening.

  3. You always make a nice video 😊 but I’m really tired of future predictions… it drives me crazy. I think crypto investment is better than stocks. Though I failed sometimes ago when I tried trading myself but Tisha Lauri helps me now

  4. Hi Caan, thanks very much for the great video, relatively new to this, waiting until the end of the month to get your course, had a little go at Geeks Toy 14 day trial for real, made some, but ended up getting stuck in the in-play market and lost my small stakes because I waited too long for the market to turn in my direction, have a lot more learning to do, many thanks for a great channel!!!

  5. With a TV in backg I take it you never get into the tricky situation race goes off and not locked into a green market board Caan. Or small red if close out other way ? Or does 1/50 still have to get done in running in error ? Intrigued

  6. As you say , can either go up or go down , follow the trend gives you a slight edge but if it go's against get out. simple and easy to remember.

  7. Hi Caan, as always, I hope all is well with you and yours?

    2:13 – Please correct me if I'm wrong, but in the past, didn't Betfair's "LIVE!" )LOL) coverage of a race start at 5 minutes? Lately, it seems that they only allow – or are allowed? – full video/audio coverage well within 5 minutes. 🙂

  8. In previous videos you've said about bettings sites restricting winning accounts, don't Betfair do this when u make money on the exchange?

  9. so for every lay bet you put on you have to put on a back bet and vise verser and the marginge in between the two is your proffit is that right or am i missing something as i see you put on a lot of back bets but not many lay bets

  10. At the start of the video you mentioned you look for volume on horses debuting or that haven’t run for while. How is this information useful? Does it indicate something you don’t know is going on?

  11. Great video as always mate. Quick question, how do you get the dark green shading on the money matched column with Geeks toy? I have the green shading but don't seem to have the dark green for recent money

  12. Love these videos Caan..As I've said before though you're an expert at this and it's not as easy as this video makes it look..its like watching Ronaldo doing multiple stepovers and explaining how to do them,then you go out into the garden and stand on the ball and fall on your arse 🙈😂

    I bought your video pack which is brilliant,but my discipline was terrible,I could read the markets quite well but failing to trade out for a loss was my downfall and there's 100s of would be traders out there like me

    I think viewers would rather see 3 videos with losing trades where you explain what went wrong

    Keep the content coming though 👍

  13. As always brother, thank you for the education! Your clips are always appreciated.

    I, however do find myself struggling with clips like this one, as I am not using a software to trade. So sometimes I am confused and on this occasion I am thinking is there a difference between trading knowledge and software knowledge? So if I am to understand your advice more, I feel I need to know more about software as well as odds movement.

    Although as I don't have a software package to use when trading, I feel I have to learn about trading and then learn about software packages, which in itself, is another long lesson. My only concerns about using a software package is am I learning about trading or am I learning about software???

    In my opinion, I would say its wiser to learn of "strategies" etc because then I am not dependent on software packages, but I also acknowledge I am a baby when it comes to trading, so my wisdom is limited. Any advice you can give, as always would be most welcome.

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