Betfair Trading, Tennis – Fabbiano v Stebe

I have been looking through my video folder. while I am stuck at home due to the Corona Virus. This one was not posted perhaps due to it having some minor issues with sound. The sounds cuts out due to a bad setting on the sound gate which is intended to cut out unwanted background sounds.

For anyone wondering why I had a “feeling” that Stebe might struggle on his serve early in set 2: He had not been too convincing on serve and we often see a player’s level drop when they have won set 1.

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  1. When you backed Stebe at the start, why didn't you also lay Fabiano at around 2.2 and exit both trades in set 2? Thanks.

  2. Hi TS, I have seen you use different stake sizes throughout your videos, do you have any specific bankrollmanagement rules? Like eg using 10% of the bak per match? thx

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