Betfair trading | What creates price movement on Horse racing markets?

Here is another snippet of the Livestream session that I did, this answers one of the most common questions that I get asked.

People know my specialist area is trading horse racing markets. But I only started trading horse racing a few years into my Betfair trading career.

The big problem I had, was that I knew nothing about horse racing, so I had to find another way of trading them. I turned to trading order flow but over time added a few other things into the mix.

In this snippet, I use the big racing market of the day on Saturday, The Betfair chase, to talk about how the market traded, what I was looking for, why and what I did about it.

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Link do palpite

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  1. Don't take any notice of this video it is totally disingenuous. Surprised he kept a straight face for the full length of the video. The markets are controlled by automated accounts with massive banks and a complete understanding of volume/price/IP and how cross matching works.

    Don't seed the markets for these people they have software you and an understanding you can only dream of.

  2. Bushypark that was some gamble my biggest ever loss on betfair I thought it would drift back but they kept backing it😭😭

  3. Order flow and directional bias are great indicators. At times you’l see two horses at the same matched volume but on wildly varied price points. I would back the one with a higher price as soon as it hits the top of its range or a cross over point . My exit depends on the level of confidence and how well my bank is doing.

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