Betfair trading | You can be the greatest trader ever. But you can't change this!

Early on in my Betfair trading career, I hit a roadblock. Suddenly all my trading results went backwards and I thought I’d lost it!

But over time I realised this was just the seasonality of what I was doing.

Each sport has its own seasonality. Tennis markets start in January and move around the globe before ending in November with the World Tour Finals. Football follows a defined pattern and Horse Racing also has its quirks.

Each one of these things could help or hinder your particular sport or trading style. But coming to terms with these will help you trade them better but also plan your personal life a bit better.

If you are starting out, you may not spot this. But it should be something that becomes more apparent over time.

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  1. Hi Peter. Are there any books in particular on statistics that helped you in your early trading days? I'm thirsty for more knowledge in this area and would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks in advance!

  2. Great perspective and sound advice that I could implement in my business as well as my trading. Summer is definitely a busier time for me in both regards but I'm probably not making the most of the abundance of opportunities. There is also a build up towards Christmas too but then once January and February arrive it is definitely much quieter. Will be giving this a lot of thought over the next few weeks.

  3. Hi Peter, as ever, a great video.

    Just a quick query if I may?

    As an 'old f*rt' in his mid-sixties – with no real need to make 'loadsa-money!' to support a way of life in the future; that is, putting kids through education, paying a Mortgage, etc, etc, (as I have missed all that 'fun'), how would you suggest I approach my trading?

    I don't want it to be just a hobby; but I simply cannot put in the time/commitment that you do! I guess that I just want it to enable me to augment my partner's income and make retirement – when I get there – easier for both of us…

  4. Interesting graph, nice to compare, I only trade pre-race and my peaks were April, July/August (incredibly jus a penny apart) and October. It would be great to hear other traders peak results, too.

  5. I have offset bet with greening and stop with the stop set at 15-20% for when going inplay but for 2 races running there the stop hasn’t worked . Is that a glitch or something else ? Thanks

  6. Despite all the great advice you give, and really helping with the betting Business, i could listen to you for hours, your voice and Charisma is unbelievable. Should you stop helping people trading and betting start reading stories.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with the World. Best wishes.

  7. 22 hrs shift ..🤯! . Must have glued your eyelids with jugs of coffee.
    The video is great 👍🏼.. the green scenery ,Perfect!
    A horse ride safari in the Serengeti , next.

  8. Another great video 🙂

    In considering becoming a full time trader, this is one thing I had NOT thought about!

    Thanks for the insight Peter 👍

  9. Looking forward for next year . . . . . I am excited to trade outside of the pandemic . . . .

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