Betfair's [HIDDEN] Cash Out Feature REVEALED!

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Many are aware of the cash out button on the Betfair interface but some have missed the “auto cash out” feature that is also offered.

This is a neat little feature that will allow you to place you bets in the market, enter your desired profit and Betfair will trade out automatically for you once the profit is available.

On paper this sounds brilliant and like it can be a real time saver but during my testing I found something that many should be aware of.

And so in this video you will see me demonstrate the auto-cash out feature and show you the pros and cons of using it.


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📕 Download the “Cash Out Handbook” for FREE:

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading can be substantial, carefully consider the inherent risks of such an investment in light of your financial condition. The content in this video is for entertainment purposes only.

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  1. What is happening in this case? I am giving an example. There's a game Bolton vs Wigan and the result is 1-0 in 75th minute and I back 100 euro on over 1,5 goals odd 2,00…they score a goal in 93rd minute. Can somebody who layed it to the market cash out money in 88th minute? And what happens if they score in 93rd minute? I don't recieve 200 euro because guy who layed used cash out earlier? Or?

  2. I prefer using the interface because you can put in a stoop loss to cash you out, at whatever price is available, if a goal is scored.

  3. Hi
    As you recently made few videos about Betfair cash out options could you do one about the new Betfair feature called "match me" please?
    I wonder whether that's something that would help in in play horse racing

  4. This was nice thing to feature and explain. Thanks! I recently started experimenting with the auto cash out feature and agree that placing an order to lay after backing for example works much better. As you say you usually end up getting matched at a better price than is displayed on the bet fair market which is nice.
    You can use both features together.
    What I do like to do is back to lay, securing a free bet position and then if there is potential to allow the profit to grow I set the auto cash out option at the maximum profit amount or my desired amount and if/when it’s reached the position Will be exited and thus is often just before the cash out amount displayed reaches the profit amount.

  5. I tend to use it pre match it I'm busy. I have often made a profit that way. But do mainly place an order depends…😆

  6. Vodka redbull ☺️, I almost enjoy the drink options as much as the trading info 🤗 what's the next one a Singapore sling and an egg mcmuffin?? 😂 Can't wait.. Cheers Ben.

  7. Hello, i live in Belgium and Betfair is not allowed 🙁 is there a way to access it with a workaround ? Thanks and have a nice evening !

  8. Hi Ben great content as always. This method as u said is not reliable at all and very unstable! I just tried this on a racing event bet a favourite and tried to cash out on half my money for profit. Even though it showed my bet had matched it never paid out as it was too slow or something I'm not sure but I will not be using this again. Thanks for exposing the flaws in this strategy

  9. The other problem with the auto cash out is there has to be enough liquidity to cash you out, so betfair doesn't always cash you out even if the required odds have been reached. Manually placing the bets is far safer.

  10. Been using Auto Cash Out for ages but never thought of using the "What If" option to manually place the second bet. Thanks for the info.

  11. One problem I have come across is sometimes the auto cash out cashes out less than the amount you set . Putting orders in is far more reliable. The auto cash out partial cash out may be useful when you are test driving trading strategies with small amounts or building your bank up if you are using less than £8 stakes. There is a technique for using stakes less than the Betfair minimum which do take a while to put in. That can be a handicap if speed is of the essence. One thing that has really been an epiphany is its all down to game selection and match reading more than anything else. If you are after games with no goals or games with goals anything can happen in 90mins. Even the bookies get the prices wrong.

  12. Why is it that when people make videos they wave their cursor all over the place so if you are not sure what they talking about trying to follow the cursor is a nightmare.

  13. Hi Ben is there a video on the best time to trade out on the O/U 3.5 market as I lost some ticks to soon on cash out

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