Betting below the minimum bet size on Betfair

Bet Angel uses some tricks to allow you to cash-out / green up your profit when it requires a bet below the minimum available on Betfair. This video shows you how this is achieved.

Bet Angel will allow you to do sub minium bets automatically on various elements of the software.

Because a sub minimum bet requires a fair amount of bet modification it’s recommended to try and avoid this if possible. Betfair do not support sub minimum bets and they may be rejected if too many are done at the same time.

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  1. Betfair have put a stop to bets less than 1 pound now. There was a planned outage on the morning of 19-6-20. My bot had started to place bets over 2 pounds. Bet bots use this technique. Betfair are getting greedy. This will put a lot of people off and betfair will loose a lot of revenue. I will be betting a lot less thats for sure.

  2. As long is it's with conventional betting or trading patterns it's unlikely to be a problem. It's just if you abuse it. I.e. placed thousands of tiny bets and nothing else.

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