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Hello Hello Hello! Welcome to my channel!

Like I said in the video, I’m getting fed up with people on YouTube offering finance advice, expecting us to be able to follow when they don’t give us the steps, they show us their profit but don’t show us how they go there!

At First Hand Finances we’re going to do everything FIRST HAND with NO BULLSH*T! It’s simple we’re going to try out every possible *get rich quick* scheme online, from stocks to dropshipping we’re giving everything a go and creating our own guides for people to follow in the future.

I’m going to make mistakes so you don’t have to!
If you need to get in touch drop me a DM over on Twitter!

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  1. Why not just set an open lay on the underdog? Let’s say 1.2 if it’s not filled by the end of the first set cancel it. Then, if it’s filled set it to back at 3.5, done.

  2. Tennis trading is great been doing for quite a few months now strategy I very simple I quite often will back the leader in the 1st set or back and lay servers on each game then lay the leader after the 1st set and quite often it will go to either 1 Set each or within the set you will start being in a position where you are in profit when watching you can also tell which way the match is going

  3. V interesting vid! Thank you. Looking to start trading tennis next year so will look forward to your future vids! More football trading vids would be good as well mate. Love the channel! 👏👌👍

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