Football Scalping Tutorial – Betfair Trading

In this video I’m going to be showing exactly what football scalping is, it’s possible the strategy on this channel that has the lowest amount of risk attached, but it does also only have a small reward – luckily however, you can do this multiple times in a game, which really helps generate more income!
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Like I said in the video, I’m getting fed up with people on YouTube offering finance advice, expecting us to be able to follow when they don’t give us the steps, they show us their profit but don’t show us how they go there!

At First Hand Finances we’re going to do everything FIRST HAND with NO BULLSH*T! It’s simple we’re going to try out every possible *get rich quick* scheme online, from stocks to dropshipping we’re giving everything a go and creating our own guides for people to follow in the future.

I’m going to make mistakes so you don’t have to!
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  1. TTM did this video 3 weeks before yours. They made a video about weight of money last week. So yours should be out soon.

  2. I do this with horse racing, usually on the longer racing, easier with horse racing as getting pictures only one second behind are pretty easy to find , the shorter races are too volatile, I dont know of any tv provider were you get anywhere near 1 second delay for football games, be interesting to hear any comments regarding fast picture football, youre usually 6 seconds behind on cable and around 3 or 4 on sky

  3. I am a guy who follows you from Italy, please continue this video series on scalping strategy, I am very interested in it and it is one of my favorite strategies

  4. I often wonder if you had the time and betting bank how much money you could make by actually going to live games and trading ‘in the crowd’ 😁 Providing you get a phone signal of course!

  5. The only thing I really scalp is match odds before the game has started, especially on a heavy favourite. It’s quite risky in play especially the under / over markets but I see it being done a lot with large chucks of cash in play. You only have to look at the graphs to see this.

  6. You'd probably be better off going in at the start on U25. and laying it off at price intervals and be out by 10-15 minutes as fewer goals happen right at the start. So back for £10 at kick-off say at 2.2 and then lay 25% at 2, 1.8, 1.6 etc. Your risk to reward is massive and could wipe out any profit.

  7. Very good video, I would be curious to see your results when you doo a full month of this strategy. Personally, I do believe a 5% ROI is sufficient and low risk, when you try to increase to a 10% ROI you will be increasing your risk significantly. Could you please explain your match selection criteria in your next video?

  8. interesting trading strategy this, what would happen if a goal went in while waiting for trade out ? how much loss would you expect to take ?

  9. i must say your your videos are the best! You are not selling strategies …you are just being direct and teaching the truth. Keep it up

  10. Surely a loss would be 60-80%? Which given how small the profits are would be a massive problem?

  11. A couple of tips. If you are serious about scalping you really need third party software. There are several options and all enable much quicker cash out than the Betfair interface – free trials are offered.. Also, if you are following the action, the radio is your best option, particularly analogue if availalble. You will be about five seconds ahead of the TV pictures. Good luck and happy scalping.

  12. Great to see someone using low stakes like mine at last, so many of these channels show £100+ stakes with massive bank rolls 😳. Well done on keeping the content real

  13. Mate ull lose alot of money trading like tht esp in the middle of the game , u dont scalp under 2.5 goals like tht u dont need to lay nothing just back under 2.5 goals and wait 3 to 5 minutes thts how u got ur prof per tic if u want to scalp over and unders do it b4 match

  14. What happens when there is a goal just as you bet it under🤔an 8 pence profit ,do you know how many 8 pences there are in £10

  15. Good vid…. just remember that there are varying amounts of time delay, as much as 10 seconds on south american games, premiership could be as much as 7 seconds,
    It's a nice strategy, but very easy to get caught if your not aware…..
    Keep up the good work.

  16. You've got to be careful with scalping as the pictures are always behind the live action unless you've watching the game live in a stadium

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