How Bet365 BANNED ME For Winning £716.88 (Proof You Cannot Win)

Bet365’s operating profit in 2018 was £660.3 Million, but they’re not the only betting company to be making millions every year with the tactics shared in this video. It’s not common practice for most betting companies. Take a look as I show you how bookmakers will make millions this year.

Referenced Bet365 restriction:

There’s more evidence of another operator doing the same:

In my personal opinion, it’s quite wrong. What do you think? Have you been treated similarly? Let me know in the comments below…

Either way, it’s not going to stop any time soon. Bookmakers like Bet365, 888, Ladbrokes and Coral are all going to continue advertising the fact that, players can ‘win’ if they are being ‘smart.’

However, the reality is, in 2020 you have no chance of winning for long if you use a bookmaker for your bets. If you take the terrible value and repeatedly lose though, that’s a different story.

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  1. I withdrawal 9000inr 5 day ago but amount not credited in my Bank account please help me any one i am poor man and I also in debt please help me guy's

  2. shocking really, your onpoint with everything you said its a said world we live in when this kind of shit is openly allowed to happen and legal

  3. Should do a video on Paddy power. Had a bet at Happy Valley they were giving much shorter odds and never paid out at best odds. Also the power up they do is just a joke only good enough for fixed odds been caught out a few times trying to get half a point extra only for the starting price to be bigger yet they pay you out on your power up price, most bookies are at it. Same with sky bet offering extra places but if price drifts you dont get it time to fight back sp all bets with them!

  4. Merry xmas m8 2021 i only came on here to make myself feel better after they theft the lot least im not the only one, not looking forward till tomorrow when the mrs wakes up, fucked is an understatement, time to hit the drink.

  5. This video should be seen by 1.6 billion gamblers that exist in this world and not just by current 70 thousand people. Caan, you… are… the man! I wish you all the best…

  6. Hi caen. Not biggin up 365. Cant stand any bookies but my 1st acc with them i had 46000 on 47500 back profit of 1500 then gubbed. Lasted a year. Onto my 2nd acc with them and so far 65000 on 68000 back with 3k profit and still going after a year. Have about 6 bets a day with them ranging from 20 to 50 quid. Go figure that hey. Keep up good work.

  7. If you treat gambling like a business they will too and that's fair enough.
    Just get a normal job and have odd flutter occasionally your account won't get restricted ever.
    Its called gambling for a reason if there's no risk whats the point, don't lay on betfair etc.
    Gamble a bit and just have lil fun.
    Let's be honest you buy accounts like rest pro gamblers, you chose to play this game with bookmakers why complain about it your not telling us stuff we don't already know.

  8. In the netherlands you can place bets in the supermarket without providing any information about yourself. You can put in as much money as you want.

  9. Caen please feel free to tell me what bets to put on 😂😂 in need of a few winners recently and I’m not restricted 💯😂 will give u a percentage lol

  10. Is there a bet choice 50/50 percentage to win for example: (who will win in football match Barcelona or real madrid, if i bet on bacelona, but Real Madrid wins i will lose my money, if barcelona wins i will double my money.)

  11. Yes.. bet365 is a big cheat ' my account got suspended.. later they advised me to send documents.. I have sent all the valid documents.. still they fooling me and keep asking Me to send another new bank statement which isn't exist.. lol.. stay away from bet365

  12. It's so unethical how these betting sites operate their business. The whole "Gamble Responsibly" thing is a joke… they will let you gamble irresponsibly until you are broke, but if you are actually a responsible, profitable gambler who uses sound risk management they will shut you down. 🤦

  13. I would never use Bet365!!!!! They legit have technical issues every other day. I had an 80$ bet that I wanted to cash out of early but there technical issues made it so that my bets disappeared. So I contacted them and was upset cuz I lost a few hundred dollars. They said sorry…I told them that wasn't good enough I had just lost money cuz they were having technical difficulties…this was not my fault!!! I told them I want my money back so I can go to another site that doesn't keep taking my money because of technical issues on there part. They basically said all we can say is sorry and that I'm shit out of luck. I think the business should take the loss not the customer. After complaining numerous times they actually blocked my file. I had money on my file so I then had to provide my banking info to them in order to get my money back. I legit feel like I was robbed by Bet365. I can see them having technical difficulties here and there but legit it happens every other day and they don't take any fault for it… therefore us customers are basically left with the loss. I don't know how this makes any sense. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS SITE EVER!!!!!!

  14. Could that have been because your friend was using a computer in the office with a recognisable I.P. and MAC address though? The same info linked to a previous Caan Berry account.

  15. This is spot on. I've had many accounts limited with maybe a couple hundred pounds wins. Soft bookies have really no future the way I see it, you can see they mostly only advertise casino shit these days.

  16. People from India I know myself are betting big on Bet365 and betfair exchange regularly and placing bets in runs markets and matches to the tune of $1000-1500$ per bet and no restrictions have been placed.

  17. One has to be smart that's right marketing. So just being knowledgeable in bets isn't enough. Be smart with placing them. So take advantage of your first jabs. When u place a bet and comes off don't wait till the end keep cashing out as you are still making profits but bookmaker thinks you are giving then leverage too. That way closing your account or your behavior isn't detected by the algorithm. As people who cash out are good as per bookmakers.

  18. I use multiple ID to sign up to bookies, will always make money doing it this way. Yes it's fraud but i see it as iam doing people who have never used a betting site from having issues relating to problem gambling a favour.

    I have seen it all you name it I done it or seen it.

    Thing for me is..

    How is it right she gets a CBE? giving money to charity with money from people who are problem gamblers is wrong.

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