How To WIN a 1.01 Lay On Betfair (£10 to £1000)

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Laying at 1.01 on Betfair and then WINNING is the dream for many a punter or trader.

And so in this video we take a look at HOW you can spot those low laying opportunities when the prices go below 1.10 and then that team or player fails to win.

These are some GREAT low risk and high reward sports trading opportunities and ones worth looking out for.

I show you the BEST sports to look for with this and a few KEY tips that will assist you in spotting these in the future.

Go grab a nice cold beer and watch this video from start to the end!

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading can be substantial, carefully consider the inherent risks of such an investment in light of your financial condition. The content in this video is for entertainment purposes only.

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  1. Boxing.. Povetkin and Whyte last year. I was round my brother in laws house christening his new bar. Started explaining how how an exchange works laying at low odds can be profitable. Layed Whyte at 1.02 or something after he'd put Povetkin down a few times just to show him how little i was risking for a big payout. Povetkin knocked him out about 30 seconds later! 90 odd quid for a couple of quid liability.

  2. Bonjour, c'est vraiment super vos vidéos. Pouvez-vous mettre la traduction en français dans le sous-titre, si c'est possible. Je ne comprends pas tout et ce sont des vidéos de bonne qualitées.

  3. Since this video I've seen it happen inpaly in three matches over the weekend, two of which did hit 1.01, 2 x Cricket and 1 x Basketball. Pak vs Sth Africa, Netherlands v Malaysia and Lakers v Jazz. And let me tell you it didn't take me much time to spot the games. The Pakistan one was intresting as they hit 1.01 but still with 60 + runs to get and against a top cricketing side like Sth Africa and sure enough the wickets fell and the runs dried up the torwards the final overs and Pakistan were back to 2.0. In all three though the fav did go on and win but as a trader we would have made a profit and left.

  4. Dominic Theim in tennis is one good example where he easily lost to 70 or more ranked players with Good odds- recent Dubai opening

  5. brilliant video .today thr was a t 20 cricket game pakistan vs south africa.pak was 1.01 lay.and south africa became favourites at 1.80.crazy match

  6. Somewhat misleading or ambiguous.

    Ben starts by saying lay a 1.01 loser, win £1000 for £10 etc and that is fine, BUT then goes on to say trade out at a profit. In that case, there was NEVER the intention to win £1000 for £10 stake.

    Look at it another way. You back a horse at 1000 on Betfair and before the off it shortens to 200 so you trade out. The race has not yet started, so can you claim to have backed a 999/1 winner?

    Marketing headline or clickbait? Call it what you will.

  7. Best is Tennis, match friendly with 3 set 10tie breack.
    I remember steve jhonson v Fritz.
    1.01 and 2 match point ,Fritz lose 2 set and 10 tie breack but i never trade 😢

  8. Super video again Ben! Would be a dream to win doing this!! I did actually lay Villareal tonight who were 1.01 around 75 mins I think ? got the goal needed to remove liability but the late equaliser obviously didn't materialise would have been £600 if it did so will keep trying! I have seen and missed some brilliant tennis ones today as well, was at work so couldn't watch the matches so didn't want to get involved and then i checked final result and the charts afterwards I was not a happy bunny lol!

  9. Reading v Chelsea 2013, Chelsea were 2-0 up with about 15 minutes left. Then came Adam Le Fondre who had scored a brace late in Readings last game to win against Newcastle and if I remember Chelsea had conceded late in their last game. So I was a bit surprised to see Chelsea lay price at 1.01 with that in mind. So I thought why not and risked £3. Le Fondre scored twice again to level the match and I resisted the temptation to cash out and got the full £300. Happy days!

  10. I'd backed Cardiff City in the 08/09 season and went to lay them off at 1.01 when they were 3-0 up because I wanted to go to the pub in hurry. There was no mobile app or cash out option back then so I just layed for what I thought was £2 liability but when I got home I had an extra £2k in my account, I'd accidentally layed £20 liability and the game ended 4-4. I just thought I was a twat!

  11. That excellent strategy worked out today in the tennis ATP Monte Carlo tournement match between Djokovic and Evans! Odds 1.03 for Djoko…who lost against Evans!

  12. I try and look for momentum changes in football matches where a side is leading by 1 or 2 goals but the momentum has shifted, maybe they were dominating for a long period of the game but games change, in 90 minutes it's very hard for a team to just dominate the whole time, there'll be a time where the other team can have its say, and so I look for changes in momentum and then lay the winning team hoping to remove some red on the first goal and maybe riding extra profit for if they equalise

  13. It is definitely one of my goals I want to achieve on Betfair. I have successfully laid a 1.02 before – it was a over2.5 first half goals bet in Brazil regional league.

  14. layed 6.5 goals for 100 at 1.02 pounds western utd v Melbourne victory 3.4 very lucky to get that though 7th goal came in on 94th minute last kick of the game, great league for goals.

  15. Hi Ben, slightly off topic but do you know any footy websites that predict stoppage time added on at 90 mins

  16. In football would you be better off laying the draw at 1.10 – 1.01 if can get that with 15 mins left to play ( it only takes 1 goal)

  17. Lowest I have had was 1.03 Spurs Vs West Ham last season. Spurs 3 -0 up but fancied Spurs (to do a Spurs) and collapse and they did.

  18. A good example is the match today between Novak Djokovic and Daniel Evens, The odds on Novak went as low as 1.05, Evens is currently winning and Novak is now priced at 1.4, not huge odds but a nice trade. The match isn’t over yet.

  19. Great video again, mate…. And you chose my favourite cocktail🥃
    I have a few wins now laying tennis players at 1.01 – the one that springs to mind is Nadal in the last aussie open – Nadal was playing out of skin and had stormed the first 2 sets amd half of the 3rd before he ran out of steam (which you could see hapoening) Tsitsipas came back to win the match – my best ever win….. Still never managed it in the football.
    I think its true to say these opportunities come more often in the tennis and you win more often even if its just a few ticks
    Rare for this to happen in a grand slam, as you mentioned, but it does happen – especially in the Quarter or semi finals when competition is fierce and pressure is high

  20. I don't touch the sports you mention, maybe I should. But I have noticed many a time in Snooker, you get a strong favourite who starts at a short price to begin with, if they win the first frame, the odds can be 1.10 or less. If they then lose a couple of frames the odds drift massively. I can say this with experience at my own cost lol. Many years ago when I betted on crazy things, I once backed Real Madrid v Marseille in a pre-season friendly (pretty sure it was Marseille anyway), @1.02 for Over 0.5 goals, it ended 0-0 lol. Thankfully I never had big money on it lol.

  21. Last summer the ODI match between England and Ireland. England made over 300 and lay then @1.02. Ireland went on to chase the runs 🙂
    Also happened in a T20 last month between West Indies ( my team who I know are quite unpredictable) and Sri Lanka

  22. Hi,Ben I normally try those on tennis is the best had a few surprises in cricket also , football is a lot harder ,darts is interesting but never tried it

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