Lay Betting on Betfair: Sneaky Terms Exposed | Caan Berry

This video is about lay betting on Betfair’s Exchange as highlighted earlier on today. If you were placing lay bets and didn’t understand what was happening this provides an explanation.

Another recent video about account suspension:

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This video explains lay betting on Betfair and the issues faced with it.

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  1. I feel it's been getting worst over the past year. I had a first invisible bet this year where my bet was taken but wasn't showing up. I contacted them straight away, which they did reply quick but just to say they were aware of the problem but couldn't tell me if my bet was IN or will be voided!

  2. Bet fair down yet again this evening. It was causing problems all day with markets suspended all over the place. They have learned nothing

  3. Fair comments about voiding bets if the system goes down, but it would be super bad if you had a massive stake on a back bet elsewhere then Betfair decide to void your laybets 😂😂😂 (obviously aimed matched betters rather than traders).

  4. This is mad – I'm having a break at the moment and only occasional trading but my phone was totally inundated with calls and texts on 23/03/21 around 3:30pm ish, when everything totally went down on Betfair's API…….. All my previous experiences dealing with Betfair problems (and there have been very many to date) just suggests that they really don't give a crap about their customers and only care about profits….. I really wish they would prove that statement wrong but we all know they won't!

  5. 2:40 Funny, I can't seem to remember when these issues worked in my favour, only the huge losses!! I agree about taking the rest of the day off, it seems that it takes more than the original 30 mins to really get the problem properly fixed and so you run the risk of having another stray bet in the market.

  6. I for one wish the government would take a good look at this and at how they just put on a surcharge for those that dare to work hard and win. It's really daylight robbery and another example of a powerful internet company being able to do what ever the hell they want.

  7. This sounds eerily similar to the GameStop / Robinhood scheme that occurred in the US stock exchange.

    In both instances a lay / stock short occurred. At least that’s what I hear you saying. Technically a transaction system should not prevent a specific type of transaction during a failure.

  8. I think you make a good argument here and I have to say that they should remediate the problem or be held liable.

    IMO, if Betfair can’t handle the volume without having difficulties then customers should move to alternate platforms and increase the volume until there is an equal volume on multiple platforms. Once their is equal volume on separate systems then there will be better competition and the margin for these types of problems will alter the company’s behavior.

    Having worked on large scale high availability systems, I can honestly say that there are processes for implementing change. New code is created and tested in a test environment. Then it is moved to QA where load testing can occur. The final step would be a push to production operation.

    In summary, if standard procedures are followed then there shouldn’t be any of these types of issues and the only problem would be in security and cyber attacks (which can also be remediated with technology and competent professionals.)

  9. it is ridiculous to think Betfair should void markets …….Betfair is not just made up of traders …..u have people who just back or just lay,….. is it fair on the punter who has had £100 on a 20/1 winner before the outage to void the market? Betfair would lose alot more customers if they started pulling stunts like that

  10. Ive noticed the occasional UK horse race stay in play 10-20 minutes after the race finished and you can keep trading. I read an article somewhere suggesting a topped up smarkets or bedaq can save you by allowing you to dump the unkown liability which is not a bad idea for me being a learner trader. Would you agree Caan or not?

  11. It's harder for them to ignore the hazard to traders these problems cause now that they actively promote trading on the platform. Still, nothing will change.

  12. They have been an absolute lately, it is happening far to often, without doubt they should void all bets, these antics lead to large percentages of banks being blown and its just not on!!! And they sit there and cream off people who are working hard trying to stay in the game after years of hard graft, I hope it pushes more to other exchange site and it is the beginning of betfair losing their strangle hold!!
    It completely looks like it is betfair's greed and deliberate act!!!

  13. Yeap, totally agree with absolutely everything you have said in this video – I began trading on BF in August 2009 and have encountered the problem you mentioned many times – BF take zero accountability for their failings – But they are still even today getting more new customers than they are losing old ones, so they really don't care – If a game (a football match for example) is abandoned after it has started (for snow or waterlogged pitch for EG) the markets are voided, and the same should apply if BF website goes down, all bets void – but as you point out they make extra money when their website crashes so like I say, they simply don't care – Good video.

  14. Remember when their bot allegedly screwed up and was giving out free money on Voler La Vedette – when it won years ago and they shat themselves and voided the whole race ! A precendent was set there – but as now they probably have a fail safe retested bot now – that is the only time a horse race has been voided ! Hmmmmmm……

  15. sounds dodgy as hell. Probably they are doing it deliberately, can't think of any other possibility. Too many red flags. But then they're the bookies, so they can get away with it, right?

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