Make 100% Profit with Betfair – Laying the Draw BetFair Tactic 2021

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Like I said in the video, I’m getting fed up with people on YouTube offering finance advice, expecting us to be able to follow when they don’t give us the steps, they show us their profit but don’t show us how they go there!

At First Hand Finances we’re going to do everything FIRST HAND with NO BULLSH*T! It’s simple we’re going to try out every possible *get rich quick* scheme online, from stocks to dropshipping we’re giving everything a go and creating our own guides for people to follow in the future.

I’m going to make mistakes so you don’t have to!
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Make 100% Profit with Betfair – Laying the Draw BetFair Tactic 2021
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  1. Interesting as ever, very informative to see these things in practice. Couple of points 1) " Even just £1". Lowest BF stake is £2. Minor point but newbies should be aware. 2) in LTD or any other trade, the option is there to cash out as you said, but with LTD if you think game may be a draw, backing draw ehen goal goes in, with same stake as LTD will create a free bet . If it is a draw your profits soar. If it is not it will not cost a penny. Classic is over 1.5/2.5. Back trade, when goal goes in lay same stake, creating free bet, you'll get a nice profit or lose nothing.

  2. I use an overlay the draw to breakeven with 1-1, with lay draw decimal odds between 4 and 6.

  3. Thanks bro but are there any settings you need to set before betting as i use a bot to lay the draw and there are a few setting also use bet assistant to place the bets and have been using them for about month now and realy dont make anything as i am still on my $20 and sometimes less at the end of trades, but i let the bot do all the work and dont cash out, but when you loose the draw on a lay bet you loss all your liability and your stake can be very expensive if you loss your lay bet all the time, but you give out good info thank you will be following

  4. When laying the draw check the match stats first for shots, chances created or a team having a red card and choose the game that looks like their will be goals

  5. lay the draw after 80-85 mins go against the bookies. your loss rate will be so low that when you win you can lose so many times

  6. Just lay draws in the efl and fa cup matches. Always less than 30% of total matches end in a draw. Just check the stats over the last 5 years. Only lay the draw at 11/4. To a £20 bet your liability is 55. So being less than 30% draws means that you take 200 for every 10 matches to £20 stakes, and 3 win. Your take is 200, your payout is 165. I've never had more than 3 in 10 come in ever for the past 5 years.

  7. Much easier to lay the current score,ie 0-0 1-1 at odds of 2.0 or less. Very easy to find free stats for teams that score late goals. Also helps to watch the game you trade.

  8. its as old as the hills, the hardest bet to win is half time full time , create a strategy around that for instance.

  9. Can we not just lay the draw pre match on games we are pretty sure, or atleast confident someone will win? Wait for somebody to score then cash out?

  10. this is not matched betting anymore, this is Gambling. There are high probabilities of loosing guys. Please keep to matched betting if you want to be 100% sure that you will not loose.

  11. Wooo thank you bud. Great to see your perspective on it. I don’t know if you’d have the time for it but it would be great to see an update after say 10 games to see a sort of pattern or so if one arises.

  12. I can already tell you what you will lose. You will lose your liability, so if the odds are 2 and your stake is £10 then you will lose £10. If the odds are less than 2 then you will lose less.

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