Sports trading for a living on Betfair | What is my motivation?

When I started Betfair trading it was in an era when nobody knew a thing about it. Nobody believed in betting for a living, you were just a crackpot if you said that is what you were doing.

Despite arbing at the start, what most people would recognise as matched betting nowadays. I woke up one morning put a back and lay bet on the Betfair betting exchange and sports trading was born.

Within a few years, I had left my well-paid job and had started sports trading for a living. I figured I had a few years to make money before other people would discover this amazing opportunity.

Curiously though that never really happened and over 20 years after I opened my Betfair account, I’m still sports trading for a living.

At the time of year that I recorded this video, I will often put in a ‘mega shift’ of Betfair trading.

I’ll start in the UK then shift to Australia and then finish in the US. I’ll probably only grab four hours of sleep on that day.

But what motivates me to do it and how has that motivation changed since the first time I started trading?

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  1. I’m like you, I’m striving to make something of my own but I’m just 1% intelligent compared to you. So I find it harder in general. I do dream of new ways to trade and it’s then a case of fine tuning. But I am a nobody, just someone who’s happy with a small group of people who have joined my group and they look at me to show them the way. But like I say, I will never be you or close to you, but I do have that drive to think new stuff up. But you are also a great and passionate person and I’ve followed you since the naughties and long may it continue. Getting up in the night though to trade, I do not think I will ever do that, but do I already? I guess in a way I do, if I get a notification from my live Bot, that means there’s a game that’s hit all the filters and needs backing, so maybe I will be like you someday.
    Great Video and thanks.


  2. 60 billion pounds! Wow. Great video Peter, thank you. As mentioned before, I love these non-technique videos; we get such a holistic, rounded view of the game within the game. NOW GET SOME SLEEP YOU LUNATIC. 🙂

  3. Only just really started out, but been actively achieving some good scalps on these markets £50 pound stakes as I identified it ticking constantly between 2 ticks and just pushed as many off set bets as I could through before the off… very pleased with that, can't complain when something so attractive presents itself. Great video as always 👍

  4. Very encouraging, I am increasingly convinced that trading is a career I will find endlessly fascinating as well as meeting my initial objective which was to develop a second income to fall back on if my day job becomes a casualty of the current uncertain times. I am learning a lot from your videos & the decision to go for Bet Angel software was in part because you do still trade & post so many recordings of your own trading.

  5. Your trading platform is brilliant, and that in itself is a great feat provided you are the pioneer on sports trading. Since you have a financial trading background I have a couple of questions for you. Does institutional trading, like volume profile, VWAP, order flow, total delta, etc, work on any sports market? And, if yes, can this be incorporated in your trading platform?

  6. Excellent summary of your journey, Peter. I guess the moral of this video is to let it be known that the passion and desire to grow and evolve with the market is a vital part of your motivation and success.

  7. I wonder if 2020 will be the last year you are 'allowed' to trade such long hours. Boris and the gambling review might stop you being able to in 2021 and onwards.

  8. It is very odd to me that a lack of sleep is still seen as a badge of honour yet it widely is and was an undercurrent in this video. It does significant damage to your health. It is seen now as the new smoking but is as misunderstood as smoking was in the earlier years. Do research about it and read the book Why we sleep. Just because you can work/survive on little sleep really doesn't mean you should. Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!

  9. Variable stakes were the game changer for me. I still lose 60% of the time but on my winning bets, I am about 75% heavier so it works out to a profit over time. I have to thank your forum for that pointer. 🙂

  10. Well done on getting the family and work balance right👍🏼 . It’s great to have the young ones taking interest in daddy’s work or should I say passion.
    I guess the morning bike rides or dog walks combined with a healthy diet prepares you for the heavy night lifting. You are working against your body clock! easily affecting your trading negatively .
    I am sure you have a video lined up for ‘ lifestyle, family and trading’
    Thanks for this one , very encouraging.

  11. If using automation to trade a market. Would you need to turn that off before trading the same market manually?

  12. Hi Peter,

    Great video again!
    Is it possible to trade both betfair and BETDAQ on the same bet angel license? Say you set up automation on BETDAQ and manually trade betfair, if you trade the same market do the 2 combine? For example you hedge out on betfair, will it affect your BETDAQ?


  13. A fascinating journey and I've enjoyed following it and look forward to what is to come.I'm sure you'll continue to go from strength to strength 💚

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