The only strategy that works 100% of the time on Betfair

Do you want to know the ONLY strategy on Betfair that works 100% of the time?

This video I am going to break down the strategy that after over 10 years on the betfair exchange I have found that works 100% of the time!

Ok so this is a little tongue in cheek, but you get the point? There isn’t a strategy that works on Betfair 100% of the time…. well there is it’s called…

‘The NEVER place a trade strategy’

I get emails from people who have placed one trade on a strategy I have shared and proceed to tell me ‘it does not work’ or ‘I lost 40% of my bank’ yes because you did not follow the rules of the strategy you thought there was an easy route to profits on Betfair – I don’t blame you we have all be there but long term is the only way to win at the game we call Betfair!

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  1. This man is not successful trader please if u are a newcomer please take this video with a pinch of salt. just look at the dislike number

  2. With all due respect there are strategies you dont know about that work 100% of the time. I doubt the people that know and use them are readily going to divulge that info. Good luck all the same!

  3. I was just ready (before watching the video and only seeing the title) to slag you off and then say to you the only 100% method is to not trade – So apologies and well done!

  4. IMHO 50 trades is nothing – I think that you can't verify whether a trading plan is long-term profitable by testing over just 50 trades. Your backtesting, & then livetesting using miniscule stakes (assuming backtesting was successful) should cover many, many hundreds, if not thousands of trades before you can be confident enough to see that it's worth throwing meaningful stakes at it.
    Also, I hope that people realise that "strike rates" on their own mean absolutely nothing – for example, even a trading plan with, say, a 90% strike rate is gonna lose you money long term if, for each pound you are profiting, you are risking, say, £15. So it's the combination of strike rate AND risk:reward ratio that'll reveal a plan's long-term profitability. I know a trader whose most profitable plans have strike rates way below 30%….because, on those verified plans, for every pound he risks, his reward is many times that pound.

  5. 100% agree , i started with 20euro six weeks ago , started 2 euro trades , to see how every thing works how markets reacted lost 60% of the time , then considerd it a dutch auction clock , prices go from high to low. punch out to early your left with little proffits punch out to late and you lost your profits and probably your stake.

    Now iam near 70-73 % steady in making a proffit, started with football went well started then with tennis went well then for fun did some testing with darts , ( that actualy goes extremly well)

  6. Hi Ryan, I just replied to your email survey, but I've just thought of a question after I hit send. Is having trading software essential if you're are trading small stakes? Are there any ones you'd recommend, and what are the costs for involved.

  7. Ive been doing quite a few tennis trades this week and I can see how I can make profitable trades but ive not quite got exit point right held on too long but its all learning im not going to give up as over the next as you say 50 trades im going to trade out from(learning) – at right time for profit but of course importantly trading out for a smaller loss as you can

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