Did you back Trump on Betfair? Join email list: | Betfair customers who backed Trump for reelection are now in legal talks to mount a class action and sue the firm over it’s early settlement of the Next President betting market on 14th December, 2020. Fintan Dunne reports.

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  1. Whether it's a penny or higher amount Betfair should know that real punters will accept loss and take small amount as the penny counts…In 1747 Lord Chesterfield wrote to a friend saying this: I knew, once, a very covetous, sordid fellow who used frequently to say, ‘Take care of the pence; for the pounds will take care of themselves’.

  2. I suggest holding off on any law suits for 2-3 months. All the Christian prophets are saying Trump will be back in soon and Biden disqualified. There is an event coming soon, we know that, but God is holding off giving the specifics so not to alert Satan. These Deep State leaders are Satanists and they create False Flag events as they did with the leftist extremists attacking the Capitol in an effort to thwart God's plans or create unnecessary bloodshed. This is why God is keeping his event quiet. This prophet was shown by God that Satan is sending witches & warlocks around America trying to work out God's plan. The enemy is in panic:

  3. This is one of the funniest (and saddest) things I have ever seen in my entire life. To see so many real human beings (I assume you are at least!) admitting to putting thousands of pounds on Trump to win an election he was never going to, but not only that, continuing to do so **EVEN AFTER HE'D LOST**

    As if that wasn't bad enough, rather than admit you placed some awful bets and quite literally flushed your money down the drain, you then hilariously try to claim that somehow Trump won all along and recite some wacko cult deep state conspiracy theory (I forget which one we're up to now, is it the military who are keeping Trump in power and Biden is being projected from elsewhere or something?)

    Betfair should have paid out on 12th November when Biden was the projected winner. You literally had almost an entire month where you could have traded your positions before the Electoral College met on 6th December. The fact is you had your bets live far longer than should have been the case. You should be thanking them for keeping the market open far longer than their rules allowed, instead of preposterously whinging about "early settlement"!


  4. My complaint has got as far as the Customer Champion Team. However in their reply they have not supplied me with an IBAS number. I have repeated the request for it. I have joined your email list. Question is will it be better if I have an IBAS number Many Thanks for helping us all.👍🙏

  5. So when Trump comes back as president of the new republic and Biden goes down, So then BF will have to payout total winnings to everyone who had a stake as they prematurely paid out to Biden punters on FAKE vote counts! .. I'm sure they now have a big problem that they wont be able to back out of.

  6. I don't think you have a hope in hell in getting your money, it would be laughed out of the court. Betfair settled the market early, but they settled the correct result. If you were to gain anything back, it would be what the cashout amount was on the market at the time; a fraction of your stake.

  7. Lastly, you don't have a snowflake's chance in hell of getting money out of Betfair (which you would know if you were regular Betfair users). They haven't voided a tennis market for match fixing since Nikolay Davydenko in 2007 ( No matter how corrupt the match is, no voiding of bets. So expecting Betfair to cough up on a technicality about when the market closed is ridiculous. So good luck wasting your time. And yes, I have been a regular Betfair user for over a decade

  8. Have you guys ever considered the fact that you may actually be wrong about all of this? And that there is no Trump and the military? And that everything is exactly as it appears?

  9. Mr Dunne! As always thank you for all the help you give us and evidence you found on the web.

    I have a question about the fraud cases with Trump. If he wins those cases, should we wait till then or sign this class action lawsuit?

    I think Trump has a strong case to win and we them have an opportunity to get our bet plus winnings.
    What do you think??

    As always, thanks and God bless!

  10. Thank you for all your hard work Fintan, what I want to know about and am concerned about is what if the court cases in the USA do lead somewhere over the next couple of months in the USA? If Trump was rightfully named the winner and fraud is exposed what would be the situation with these law suits having already moved forwards? I'm concerned that if we go all in now and situation does change that we will have forfeited any right to claim our winnings rather than our stakes back.

  11. Fintan, when we put our stake should we include all related markets, e.g. Popular Vote, or are you just wanting Next President stakes?

  12. Could you please add an open box comment on your form? Because in the "how much did you bet", I need to explain further. I have bet on Betfair AND Orbit which is a clone of betfair. Does it count as the same?

  13. Fintan, just an idea. Charlie Ward now has over 1 million subscribers , and alot of them I believe have a vested interest in the issue in question. Also Nicholas Veniamin on YT with over 70K subscribers and the English Poet Mark Attwood – "Adventures in a Meat Suit" YT. It would be so awesome if yourself and Marina could go on to Charlie's and Nick's shows for a chat. And as you probably know yourself that would get you alot of exposure.

    I myself am not a gambler but found out about Betfair through one of Charlie's shows and ended up staking close to £8K on this @ very high odds. Plus I was planning on putting in quite a bit more until Betfair decided to suspend the market on the 14th of December !!!

    Thankyou again for all you do. WWG1WGA!!!

  14. Thank you Fintan. You are a star for helping us all against these cabal criminals that stop the systems when they think they will loose. What they did was close the markets knowing the Trump was winning on the night of the election, will they defrauded the vote counts at 4am. People could have cashed out prior to 4am Jan 7th. Time for the little guy in the street to band together and stick it back at these criminals.

  15. It would be better to have an IBAS ref number. So first you need to get a complaint number from Betfair. So you need to get on their support page and complaints panel should be there. Be prepared to wait 20-30 mins before someone deals with your query. Would be useful for the group to have prepared wording on how to clearly set complaint out in a clear and concise manner. So if anyone has any examples to share that would be great!

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