3 Tips to Make Money Betfair Trading Under 2.5 Goals

3 Tips to Make Money Betfair Trading Under 2.5 Goals

In this video you will learn about 3 tips that I have learned after performing the Under 2.5 Goals football trading strategy on Betfair. When I do the Under 2.5 goals trade I enter into the market before kick off and will cash out after a short period into the game netting a profit regardless of how many goals are scored by the final whistle.

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  1. I cn give u one advice fr under2.5 goal which is profitable and I have made decent amount of money out of it .I have given a gud amount of money to learn dis strategy frm Betfair trader .Fr example I bet 100$ on under 2.5 goal .I’ll be deducting my loss in 4 parts ..I’ll lay 25$ under2.5 on profit of every 10ticks .If mkt is nt moving fast in my favour I’ll exit the trade at exact 25mins wid whatever profit I m getting .So my maximum stay in the mkt is fr 25mins .In case goal comes I cashout with my losses

  2. Try this way
    back under 2.5 for 13 mins then move all the gree to the overs and wait for goal
    clear red wait for second goal or 70 mins cash out

    only back unders between 2.2 and 2.6
    back 100 at 2.2 in 13 mins it will be around 1.75
    2.2 back 100 then lay 200 at 1.75
    leaves you red on the unders -30 and green on the overs 98 waite for goals.

  3. Tho I like your videos this is not a winning strategy unless you have a magical theory for picking profitable matches..the ‘right matches’..
    you are not beating the odds and are not going to profit unless you pick the ‘right’ matches…

    which is so hard to do long term..

    The odds,particularly on high liquidity matches are always pretty much correct
    You have to beat the odds on offer..and know why you are beating them..or you will not win long term

  4. Hello Kier

    So u bet Before kick off under 2.5 and keep it Till 15-20min and then cash out If goal or no goal. So Example If no goal u earn cca 15% net profit and If lose then u lose cca 55% so return ratio must be 4 winning to 1 lose what is tricky to reach b cause If u reach 2x match with goal then u need win 8 tickets.

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