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  1. You can manipulate the exchange to place bets as little as 1 penny. It takes around 30 seconds complete but id sooner risk a tenner doing 10p bets rather than risk 200

  2. Trifectas are interesting bets in big fields they pay massive at least double and a bit what the tricast pays you have to look for runners of 14 plus:)

  3. Hi there, thanks for this idea. I'm in Australia, i decided to monitor your idea yesterday, Saturday so recorded every bet at every meeting here. Ended up with a 53 unit loss. Back into it today and after 34 bets a winner hit paying $173 so can really see the points you have made. Will put it into play from tomorrow, i'm able to bet every race to jump time as i'm a pensioner who has lived for racing since 6yo's old so outside of my family, it's the love of my life. Will keep you updated and thanks again:)

  4. I was very sceptical being a long time punter using speed figures, the market , info, etc etc but never making any long term profits over a 59 year period. Of course I have had winners and made some good profits but like most punters to keep building profits is almost impossible.
    I haven’t started to bet with this but today 31/05/2021 100/1 so winner and 200/1 sp winner. No idea what price they were on Betfair or how many bets as there were a few meetings today being bank holiday. But even so I would guess massive profits for small stakes. I think it is interesting to say the least as this is a method whereby you are doing the opposite of what most punters do therefore by definition t has to be good.

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