Betfair Analytical Meet-Up — July 2021: Greyhound Edition

Join Kerrin Grosvenor for July’s Analytical Meet-Up. She talks with Bruno, a successful automated modeller, about creating and testing greyhound models before fielding questions from attendees.

For anyone interested in greyhound modelling, head over to the FastTrack tutorial on Betfair’s Automation Hub:

Watch our video tutorial of how to access the FastTrack API:

To contact the Automation team for assistance or general queries, email

Link do palpite

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  1. MORE WINNERS = more premium charge = less winners overall = more people who are account managed to come to the "racing events" then treated like every other bookmaker. When Sportsbet(Paddy) took over Betfair it was coming the exchange will be dead in a few years and with the sale of the TAB, betting will be dead.

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