Betfair Exchange : Two EASY trading tips that anybody can do on bet angel

Very often trading on the Betfair exchange UK or the Betfair app doesn’t need to be complicated, you just need to spot opportunities and act on them decisively. With these simple tips, you can be a successful trader, even if you are used to online betting on sports betting sites.

In this video, I discuss a couple of really simple, easy trading tips and tactics that you can use to in racing markets. Betfair trading doesn’t need to be complicated, but you will still need to apply a bit of skill to do it, but Bet Angel can help.

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  1. I am a total newbie to this world but have watched several of your videos and bought BetAngel. I picked up a couple of hints from you about how money might be made and so I started to collect stats on various outcomes/situations in various races (this has taken months and is still work in progress). As the stats info. increased, I started to reach a few conclusions and tried them in 'practice mode' (some worked some didn't) but I was astonished to see a regular small profit from small trades on certain strategies. I am still increasing and refining my stats using trial and error (now with real money) and am actually profiting (small but growing trades in real money now). Thank you, Peter. Keep dropping those hints!

  2. Peter. Great videos. Thanks. I met you many years ago at one of your trainings I am going to have another go at trading and hopefully going to use you Bet Angel Professional software. Looking forward to it

  3. Hi Peter. How do I set up bet angel to alert me of these sharp odds movements on my watch list?

  4. From the description:

    Very often trading on the Betfair exchange UK or the Betfair app doesn't need to be complicated, you just need to spot opportunities and act on them decisively

    ROFL. And this is the most difficult thing.

  5. So a horse sweats going to post and drifts from 3.3 to 3.8 !!!

    At what point do you get in or place orders to get out etc etc . New traders would be lost with the small price range and would definitely come unstuck trading for £200 tick . There are folk out there who have done their brains with things like this . Lost absolute fortunes to the sharks on Betfair .

  6. Simple trading, yes hes right, we can over complicate and think about it too much, most racing punters will back a horse purely on form, if you think that horse has drifted out too high based on form more than likely it will steam back in, especially if its at the top of its trading range, not always but get more right than wrong and you make a profit, yesterday a luke morris mount drifted to the top of its range and carried on drifting, luke is a top jockey and you would think his horse would be again backed, this wasnt the case as a horse at 11/1 came steaaming into 5/1 purley because of its recent form which was something like 132, now more than likely it was 11/1 because that form was over lower class races, your average punter does not do the ground work and just backs form, both horses lost btw.

  7. So basically you just spent 11 minutes telling us to "Look and see if a horse is sweating or not". Thanks for nothing. And for the record, I have seen group 1 horse race favourites absolutely dripping with sweat on the way to the line who ended up running a very strong race.

  8. Quick question, I'm just starting out with Betfair trading. I'm torn between purchasing Caan Berry's video pack & sports trading life dymanic football trading pack. Both £147. Does anyone know which one is better?

  9. Hi, any chance of making Bet Angel Mac compatible please? Running a virtual drive isn't an option unfortunately. All the best.

  10. Good video peter .great explanation on what happened in the derby .i was scalping hazapor at the time it went flying out so fully noticed what went on here .good to have it explaind

  11. Is it crucial to have tv pictures such as from Betfair live video when picking up on a horses behaviour where the delay is less or do you still use your sky box?

  12. Funny I has thinking of you when I was watching the derby market and wondering how many of the 10k stakes trading around the favorite was your money.A few by the looks of the result

  13. You say simple, but the question is where is the top of that trade? 22? 25? 27? 35? there's always times when it's showing signs of a reversal, only to continue up. While I totally respect your skill and knowledge, these entry points are so difficult to spot for the learning trader.

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