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  1. Another excellent episode of this series of Industry insiders interviews and really good of Richard to come on. He didn't seem to have been given questions in advance and so gave genuine answers rather than pre-prepared answers. It was refreshing to hear him admit when something was beyond his scope rather than just bluff an answer. We often hear from others who claim to be in near constant conversation with Betfair but I don't recall them ever doing an interview like this on their YouTube channel or ever providing the outcomes of these "conversations" so it is quite the scalp (get it) for you Caan.

    The talk about the Premium Charge was interesting, I don't know if Richard was being careful with his words around 15:50 but the use of "don't suddenly go into 40%" is quite different to don't go into 40%. His answer suggests it will still happen, just not perhaps as soon as you hit the threshold. I guess the issues they have about these allowances and other sort of things is PC avoidance/evasion and how they could combat it. But it is good that it is something they are looking at as as you said, it is a dream killer and seems mad that someone making £20,000 a year could be on the same percentage as someone making £2,000,000 a year. Wouldn't it be better to have 100 customers making £20,000 rather than the one making £2,000,000.

    The other point at around 16:10 was about the trials where they gave an allowance to people who were close to the Premium Charge and he said it didn't lead to an increase in liquidity. To me they aren't looking at it correctly. It might not have led to an increase, but what about stopping a decrease which is in effect an increase to what would have otherwise happened. That isn't something you can measure in a few weeks of a trial but over the longer term. Without the allowance how many of those "low earners" would still be on the exchange providing liquidity in a year or more when they are hit with paying 40%+ of their e.g. £40,000 a year profit. They then tell their mates not to bother starting out due to the PC etc etc and you end up with what has been happening for years now and that's the falling liquidity across the exchange. So rather than looking for an increase, what about looking for stabilisation first of liquidity. Also if they stick around, over time they will probably look at other areas of the exchange and add liquidity there also, that isn't something that is going to happen in a few week/month trial.

    In terms of your interviewing Caan I think you could push back a bit more on some of the answers and/or follow up with another question(s) having listened to their response. It would be good to do a follow up interview in a year and see what progress has happened on the points you raised and Richard discussed.

  2. what a load of crap, this fraud of a company has not paid out on my winning bets, and have frozen my account with money in it, their policy is to not answer questions, they do not even deny owing me money they are stupid enough to think i am doing nothing and can do nothing. but they have a surprise coming.

  3. Betfair prices are not much npbetter than the board prices now and you get commissions on Betfair so your better off in the betting shop a lot of the time.

  4. hi all i trade full time but this week ive been limited on the exchange to £100 per month which will cripple me had a string of losses because of match bets which obvioulsy wins on the bookie side but now im being asked to provide statements from the bookies to show betfair where i gained the profit also asking for bank statements showing flow of money into bookie accounts ,has anyone else had this it seems a bit much to give info away for all other bookies i use

  5. Richard you really need to get on top of suspending races on time. So many races are being suspended late at the start. Surely this means "good" customers are getting hoovered. I mean if a horse is evens of course it's going to get laid if it misses two lengths at the start. It happens a lot on the US racing, where liquidity is small so you probably don't get many complaints. I'm sure people have heard about the race at Bath last week. I mean what happened there? I benefitted but it didn't feel right. I hope you will compensate people because it was blatantly unfair. If you receive complaints those guys are telling the truth. I was laying bets on the place market that were surely pre-race money. Also, can you please teach the guys to watch races and see if there is a chance of a stewards enquiry. If there might be an enquiry don't settle the race because more will be bet on the race market than a "Will it keep the race " market. Same with photo finishes. Please try and be consistent. Some Irish races don't open for a photo.

    I believe the team operating that stuff are working from Romania. If so they need to be educated about the sport they are doing ie racing. It seems pointless saving money having cheaper staff if they are costing you money with late suspensions and early settlements.

    Finally we will all bet more if you can speed up the ATR pics via Betfair live. You used to say this wasn't a money issue. Well it surely is because RTV pics are nearly live.

  6. Staged, he knew what the questions were before filming (like almost every interview these days). Also the betfair exchange is not people v people, betfair have traders balancing the market and taking profit…try placing an unmatched bet and you will see another bet balancing the book go in clear as day (best to use one of the betfair software applications). It's all one big front. Why do you think Cann and such people promote their own trading eduction, wouldn't need the money if you were doing well enough on the market….

  7. This guy should be a politician. At the end of the day, its now owed by bookie scum. They have f**cked us all in the hoop with sandpaper instead of lube. Is Smarkets any good. Can we not just all get together and mass migrate and get some sort of guarantee from an exchange?

    They're just becoming a bookies. That's all he had to say.

  8. Well Caan, it’s Saturday the most liquid the exchange will be and… it’s down again. Are they trying to mess things up?

  9. Their customer service is abysmal.. it's all about making money from idiots and preventing smart people from winning a few quid.

  10. I think most Betfair users would be happy with just a reduction in Premium Charge. Rather than 20/40/60, a 5/10/20 would be a fair compromise.

  11. Couldn't they just lower the premium charge %? Therefore allowing profitable guys to remain profitable this would increase liquidity and probably ultimately make betfair more money. Also instead of charging weekly, charge in every 3 months which is a fairer sample size.
    For example; 10% of profit 3 month premium charge for any accounts over £20,000 lifetime profit. Simple.

  12. The biggest embarrassment from this company is them stopping pc payers from pre race betting..absolutely and utterly beggars absolute belief.

  13. multi million marketing campaign featuring Clive Owen doesn't seem like the right approach in the modern world. money would be put to better use promoting youtube channels like this one to educate people on the exchange and promoting winning strategies.

    why did they pick Clive Owen anyway? strange choice.

  14. I have just watched this for a second time. it reminds me of that old UB40 song, Promises and lies.
    He said things like , we are working towards it, we are looking at it, we want to, we need to find, we will take it onboard.
    I said all this to my partner when she asked me to change the flooring in the spare room over twelve months ago, she is still waiting.
    I have to say Caan, they are not as good as they was four or five years ago, maybe this is why other exchanges popped up, they could see Betfair's problems. Never mind Caan we will all carry on using it until something fairer comes along.

  15. 7.17 he says that customers choose a operator because they want loyalty rewards? when does anyone get any real loyalty rewards on the exchange.. I got a £5 free bet for the exchange last week, the first loyalty reward i have had in probably 5 years, I bet a lot on the exchange and that's the best they can do?

  16. they are making decisions based on customer feedback on "betfair community" but I have never heard of it (i assume he doesn't mean the forum because they never post in there) looked all over the site and can't find it so what is he even talking about there?

  17. I don't understand why he's so insistent that advertising the exchange has seen such a huge effort from betfair in the last couple years. they have virtually no online presence that I see advertising the exchange. i guess he's purely talking about TV in which case your missing out on like 2 generations worth of potential new customers who barely watch TV anymore… but hey at least they got clive owen to do some adverts on sky..

  18. Hi Caan, I understand why and what premium charge is however what I don’t get is the small print. If it’s designed so that profitable traders are paying more commission, what happens if your just a profitable better ie backer and not hedging or trading out positions do you still get premium charge ?

  19. Can you do SportsBroker review? Like you did with Sorare or with FI just give your opinion on it.. i will like to know your perspective

  20. Premium charge should be a yearly allowance of whatever the average uk yearly wage is 30k and then have very small tax increments for each 5000/10000 afterwards until it gets to the ridiculous amounts that a small few would bet to stop them ruining the market would be more suitable and also fair.

  21. A great video so I guess this is where football index in as they wanted the punter to prop up the market instead of themselves.

  22. As I understood that, he said the exchange and sportsbook are separate to maintain integrity, but surely the prices on the sportsbook (which I think personally on horses are some of the fastest to cut prices – but I might be wrong) are reacting to market movements on the exchange all the time?

  23. I have a question for you Caan , how much do you make from adsense ? I am guessing your income from adsense is way more then your income from trading . Am I correct ?

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