Betfair Trading Community Review – Complete Video Walkthrough Guide!

Betfair Trading Community Review – Complete Video Walkthrough Guide!

What does a membership to the best Betfair Trading Community out there get you? Watch this video of the sports trading service and football trading software to find out. More here:

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  1. Hi Guys, just come across BTC (dont know how i have missed it!) , it sounds like a great place/forum to be part of, and i intend to join. Currently about 3 months into trading primarily Horse Racing on very small bets with a reasonable 10 per cent profit so far ( only big losses have been 3 stupid trades in 1 day where i stupidly allowed the trade to go in play, and it virtually wiped me out! – i took the rest of the day off !). But looking at doing football and my passion,cricket. I was wondering if you have a active cricket forum that will be exchanging ideas during the Ashes which starts on 8th December 2021?
    I notice from the comments that there is a free trial version available – is that still available one year later?

  2. this is a good bet say its 1-1 after 89 mins lay the draw when you see someone on a 1 on 1 with the keeper this is very worth it because if they don't suspend it say you lay for 1000 pounds costs 100 pounds to place for that price if you get the lay in you could probably cash out for a very tidy profit because not much time left and if that move dosen't turn to anything you just back the draw say you lose 4 to 5 ticks in the process thats only like 50 pounds maximum risk but if they score out of that move you could be in for like 700 or 800 pounds its basically like getting 13 to 15/1 for that move it could be worth a go you get that right 5 times your looking at a million just an idea :), could even try it with smaller stakes and build up apologies for that lack of punctuation im using my dads youtube to right this

  3. I am just interested in Tennis Trading. Is it worth to be a BTC Member when you just focus on Tennis and not Soccer?

  4. Hi guys, quick question. Is the 24 hour trial available more than once or is it a one time only sort of thing? I'm going to sign up for it anyway but if it's a one off then I'll wait til the weekend when there's loads of league games.

  5. Does The filter system highlighted contain a database of sorts to test out strategies maybe for the last couple of years in backtest? If not there find how you can add it so to give the trader endless ways of coming up with profitable angles based on trends in different leagues and markets. Kudos though !!!

  6. This is fantastic! I'm a member and it's even helped me to see some of the extra services you provide for members. Love how much you have helped me improve my trading, please don't ever stop doing this 🙂

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