Betfair trading – Example £100 swing trade using Bet Angel

Here is a little video I found while sorting out my hard drive.

It shows a £100 swing trade from start to finish which I have narrated over. I’m sorry if it’s quite fast, but that’s the market!

You may want to slow down the video when I make certain points to examine them in more detail.

Link do palpite

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  1. assessment of the market was something i do not get. i think there is ages spend in "trade" to anticipate move and see the indicators. but for me is just invisible.

  2. Been a member for about 10 days and really enjoy it… But I have questions, so many questions 😀 I'm unable to find how to post questions to the forum or support. Would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction

  3. It seems lots of people buy this software and expect to quit their job the next day, no chance, as Peter keeps saying study the market, all are different , they behave in a certain way for a reason be that trading ranges, large sums on the back or lay side, how the horse behaves in the parade ring , what pundits say on tv or radio,. I used to complain and have a negagtive attitude, I think we all did, if youre just starting out you will not get lucky day in day out….you wont. Like anything else if you dont put the effort and the hours in you wont get anywhere .

  4. Slightly annoying you didn't have the footage of all the racers and info as there is pretty much only 1 box being ticked for me here to make a dedication to trade and that's not enough! Anyway thanks for the share again

  5. Hi Peter, I've downloaded the trial version, but mine isn't so fast than yours when it comes to odds variations, mine seems too slowly. Is there any setup to become faster?

  6. Would you recommend putting in a right click stop loss say at 2.2  should the price move against you if using large stakes and as a beginner to trading.

  7. Hello. I can not find video how to spred money betwen ley and back trade to be in profit with any match results and how to seting value to stake without confirmation massage.? Thanks

  8. It looks so easy here but in practice mode I'm finding myself losing most of the time. What's the point of using this software if I don't know how to win?

  9. Hi Peter, on the back side of the market, we have the two colours of orange and pink. I can see they have to do with the amount of money traded but what is the significance of the two colours? Great video, by the way!!

  10. Hi Peter, a great video as always! It could be useful if you showed us how you manage a losing trade as well. Most your videos show how you open and close winning trades, but none that I can remember shows how you manage the inevitable loser.

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