Betfair trading | Horse racing | A £90 profitable trade explained in depth

Betfair trading is appealing because you can profit from an event before it has even started.

I dusted off the screen recording software this week on the return of UK racing to do record one of the trades I made during this week.

In this video, I do some Betfair trading on horse racing markets and make a profitable trade, fully hedged for £90.

It was a fairly simple trade and wasn’t handpicked. It was just the next race on the card, so I’m sort of lucky that it turned out to be a half-decent trade from a monetary perspective.

But from a horse racing trading perspective, it was fairly normal. The price sat within a clear range and I traded that range.

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  1. I think that many of us 'novices' struggle, because we see you make really nice profits from your trades, BUT as most of us are using smaller banks – and thus stakes – our 'numbers'/profits are seen as much lower and therefore less worthy of our time! Maybe we want to run before we learn to walk?

    Personally, I am planning to return to trading on Betfair in July of this year (2021) – after a 12 month break – and hope that I have had sufficient time to 'cool down' and engage my logical brain rather than my heart! I guess only time will tell! But and its a big BUT, I'm keen to claw back some of that money that you have no doubt taken from me over the past few years, Mr. Webb! LOL 🙂

    As ever, great video, most professional. 🙂

  2. One point I can't get my head around Peter! When in a good greened up profit position, why don't you just hit the cash out button?

  3. I wish i had the brains to do this, I did try with small stakes- but always lost money at end of my day..

  4. The problem is for most of us, get a good entry point , get a couple of ticks profit then we take the smaller profit , we all end up scalping when we should be swinging

  5. You established the bulk of your entry point as the price dipped to a lower point at around 2.90 – 3.00. Would you have still entered this trade if the price had not dipped but instead gone straight through the 3.00?

  6. I am attempting to apply multiple servants to execute price and selection specific trades on multiple markets, obviously i cannot have all the markets on the screen so how do i achieve this please?

  7. Hi peter
    I still regard myself as new so every now & then I see something new

    Can you chat about how people can predict a market move before it happens? I’m seeing a few movement selection services
    I’m not expecting you to talk about how they exactly do it. Is it connections? Taking an early place in a market?
    Seeing a lot for horse racing mover tipping services.
    Just intrigued .

  8. Looks like a futures market with the order book ladder. Nice 👍 Are you just studying price or do you study form as well?

  9. Hi peter. What made you say the market refuses to go below three" when the chart does not indicate a downward trend.????

    Great videos pete as always.

  10. Peter, I would love to know how you chose the favourite to play here. Does it just come from experience and your market-reading ability?

  11. Very helpful Peter, thank you. I had a guess at what was likely to happen before the meat of the video started and it’s no wonder I am no good at pre-race trading..! I thought the apparent resistance at 3.0 indicated a likelihood that the odds were going to turn around and come back down. Was that ever a consideration of yours during this trade and what swayed you against taking a back position?

  12. Hi Peter. Great video as always. Are you able to make a video when you get it so wrong and how you manage that trade. Thanks 😊

  13. Once an event has gone inplay, is it possible to to create conditional statements within betangel and/or the excel template to use the "inplay time" as a condition when deciding to trigger back bets at certain odds? Are there any video examples of inplay automation that trigger at certain time points and odds?

  14. Great video but what were the factors driving the market? WOM? Volume? What are the main things to look it for? There must be some indicators? Thanks

  15. Whenever I try to do this the price seems to just keep on falling. This is a maiden, I dunno how you can be so sure money wouldn't come for this horse late and it just keeps going down rather than bouncing back up to 3's. You must see something in the graph I don't.

  16. GREAT video !
    would you usually just have a position open on a single runner or do you ever trade numerous horses simultaneously?

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