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I recently posted a screenshot of my trading on a Saturday and why I thought it was a good example of good money management when Betfair trading.

So I thought it was worth doing a follow-up video fully explaining what I meant.

Successful and profitable Betfair trading is a balance of profits and losses. If you trade a market at random, you will get random results. But, as somebody who is consistently profitable, how am I minimising losses?

In this video I discuss, setting realistic targets, what my balance of profits to losses are and how I minimise losses by tipping the market in my favour.

You may also want to watch the other video that is mentioned in this video!

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  1. I think showing your P/L in the ways and amounts you do is spot on to be honest. The truth is there's so many wannabe traders that want that easy one way, quickest, sure fire trading strategy that turns them in Peter the 2nd over night and earning ££££ each day's not going to happen. You have to spend time like Peter says learning the markets how they behave at certain timescales too, money/stake/loss management are hugely important phsycollogicly accepting that loss as easy as a gain, building your strike rate is the most important to success long term. Stakes can be scaled up to a certain market limit anyway once strike rate is mastered.

  2. Hello Peter, I just wanted to say that after watching quite a few of your videos now I can say that you have caused a paradigm shift in my thinking. Previously, even despite my better intentions, I would get bashed around by the market and try to catch each drift/steam to steal a few ticks. Having watched your videos today and finally taking note of what I have heard you say several times before, i.e. you have a strategy for a particular market, execute that strategy and if it doesn't work you don't chase after or force something that is not there. I have already today been analysing the markets in this manner with the knowledge that if my desired strategy does not work then it will be abundantly clear and the way to close out the trade will be obvious. One of my flaws, and I imagine that of many yet to be consistently successful traders, is hanging on to a losing trade in the "hope" that things go as you would like – rather than the more rational decision to exit out of a trade that isn't going as planned per the ideas formulated upon examining the market. Thank you for your videos. Tom.

  3. Thanks for a brilliant channel Peter.

    Then you say you win on average 14 to 18 pounds. Can I ask what kinds of stake you are using 100. 500 or something completely different. Now I am fully aware that different strategies require different stake.


  4. Hi, Peter! I enjoy watching your videos but often end up feeling disappointed as, even with your warm and friendly delivery, you usually avoid sharing the most helpful information. in this video you say, "…avoid the market where it (the strategy) doesn't work so well." For all your talk about how your 20 years of experience has helped you discover which strategy works well in a particular type of race, you never actually say which strategy works well in a particular type of race. Hey ho! Back to Tony Hargraves…

  5. thanks for the video i really appreciated it,you mentioned another video regarding maths to have a look..can i have the link?thanks

  6. Im practicing at not having my balance shown now and gives you more freedom – later you look at your balance and better than what you think

  7. some of my strategies are beating the betfair odds with 2 to 4% in terms of the implied probability, how can I calculate if thats pure luck or an actual edge?

  8. Thanks Peter, I am watching your videos this 2 years and not had the time to really get into this. I simply find the videos fascinating and I will definitely use your platform when I am going to commit. Hope you're well

  9. Thanks Peter for another great video. I use the Bet Angel for BetDaq exchanges and as still a newbie to trading (but I honestly am getting better after following your videos!) I sometimes drop a clanger and watch the market beat me up as it goes in the opposite direction to what I'd thought, especially in the last 5-minute melee of orders coming in.

    Recently I had a £10 back on a runner 7 minutes pre-off expecting the price to have about peaked and begin the inevitable slide. But no, it kept climbing gradually. As I watched for signs of the price beginning to shorten and hedge the lowest possible loss, my mobile went off and it was a call I had to take. Being a bit rubbish at having a phone conversation and focusing on the market at the same time, I resigned myself to losing that £10.

    However, the telephone call ended and the race began at the same time. For the first time I began to notice the hedging price start to reduce in the red to a positive green value as the race progressed. As the hedge price moved into a positive £3.57 I clicked the button out of curiosity and it got matched!

    I don't recall seeing this method 'in-play' in any of your excellent training videos, but it certainly works in the BetDaq version and has got me out of a similar couple of scrapes since. I guess the element of luck is that the positive hedge value gets matched in-play. So for any viewers using the BetDaq version who weren't aware that you can hedge a positive sum in-play, well, yes you can! Does the Betfair version also permit traders to do the same?

  10. In Bet Angel professional trial version Total Matched bet so far 0 showing me. Please solve this problem.

  11. How does a private local bookmaker make up their book? do they have automated systems or a trading team?

  12. Good video. I am surprised you say your average profit on some bog standard days is £14-£18 per race I would of thought it to be much higher.

  13. Great video Peter!!! I have a quick question for you… do you use Betfair graphs? Or you just trade and take action on what you see in the market? Thanks 👍

  14. Thank you Peter, very interesting and appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experiences on this topic. I’m very early days, testing the water with minimal stakes… strike rate is good but could be beginners luck!

  15. great video peter ,Many thanks i am still puzzled after all these years betdaq still not liquid enough!!!!!

  16. ‘How to fool randomness with a Galton board ‘great visuals 👍🏼.
    Q. In order to measure the effectiveness of a strategy, it must be triggered by similar pre ordained conditions and have uniformly pre determined entry /exit points . The results are to be archived for comparison and for determining the success do you mitigate fill rate and slippage or is that factored in your strike rate?

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