Betfair trading – Low risk trading with small stakes

Betfair trading – Low risk trading with small stakes

In this video, we do some pretty low-risk trades on Betfair..

We are looking for a quality opportunity in the market then nipping in and out quickly to grab a profit.

We are only using £10 stakes so the £ return is small but it it’s a high ROI. Ultimately that is what you are looking for as you can then compound that into bigger stakes.

This trade would have worked with higher amounts if you wished.

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  1. Hi Peter, this is really good and thank you, just 1 question you pressed the hedge button to green everything up at £1.42. Is that a piece of bet angel software that generates the hedge? and is that a back and lay bet on Adams Ale or on other selections? Thanks in advance

  2. hi , i downloaded betangel basic version and trying to make some profit. i did some trades and then hedged up but when race finished i ended up with no profit. why i did end with no profit? i traded on first two horses from 10 and none of my traded horses won.

  3. You really should consider doing a TED Talk, Peter. Apart from covering the basic philosophy of your approach, anchoring it to the tale of your airport taxi encounter in Omaha would give it a human 'moral of the story' context making it even more widely appealing. You are a natural presenter and it wouldn't harm your commercial profile.

  4. Thanks Peter I have not been do any football maybe I should start to look at this ,I well watch you next videos and and hope to learn more regards Eric

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think your ROI is 15% ish (after commish). I counted 4 tenners which were dipped in and out of the market. So isn't the ROI 1.42/40 …ish?
    I'm more of a pedant than a critic, any positive ROI is great. ….and when you look at the more meaningful roi/time, this is still undoubtedly a very nice turn.

  6. Peter I have been discussing this trade with some of my mentors and they are of the view with the first 4 chances there is a strategy to keep the profit on one runner instead of greening out. Have you got a view on this and also with favorites in Australia winning 32 to 34% what do you think your math brain could tell us? P

  7. how much would you need in your betfair account to start doing 10 pound trades like this ? like for every 10 pounds laid at odds 10.0 you would need 90 pounds liability ? and then when you place a back bet at odds of10.5, is that 10 pounds taken straight from your betfair "kitty" too or does it cancel out the lay side's liability once it's matched and then you are left with the difference as a free bet, before hedging up ?

  8. I'm sorry Peter but you didn't actually know the price would bump up again…you can hope it does, but you can never be 100% sure of any price movement.

  9. iv watched around 50 videos in the last 2 days trying to get my head around trading (thinking of starting out, no trading experience) i learned more from this video alone than all the others , going to download your software and give it a go small stakes first see how i get on thanks for these videos theyre reall helpful!

  10. This is exactly what we need to see. Great video. Really good to see live trading and the thinking behind things. Keep them coming! 🙂

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