Betfair trading – Stake sizes, risk and reward when trading

When trading profitable, trades come in many stakes and sizes. But counter intuitively, big stakes don’t necessarily make big profits. It all depends what you are trying to do and how you do it.

Also, the risk you take varies depending on the strategy you adopt.

In this video we explore these concepts. betfair

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  1. i went through your basic training but it just showed the basic principles. great course but how do i find more information about what i should be backing or laying?

  2. Peter, those with bigger bank sizes tend to manipulate the markets. So telling me I could trade with 10 pound stakes and make a profit over the long haul unrealistic. I would always get eaten out by the sharks in the market.
    I have literally watched all your videos, but you never seem to talk about market manipulation, which I have come to experience on numerous occasions.
    Using a small bank account to trade is a gambling proposition you are making. I bet you see my drift here. Good videos nevertheless… Chaow!

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