Betfair trading – Using a trailing stop to lock in a profit

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Following on from other videos another strategy you may be interested in exploring and feature you may wish to use in Bet Angel is the trailing stop order.

The benefit of this order when you trade on Betfair is that it locks in a profit as the price moves in your direction and cuts you out this instant the trade starts to move against you.

That is what we are exploring in this videio.

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  1. Hello.How can i set the bet angel to execute the below strategy? If i lose 10 euro when i place a 10 euro lay bet let say in the 5.0 odds the bet angel to stop in this point but if my bet not lose 10 euro the market to stay open.

  2. Hi Peter – Is it possible to adjust the distance of the trailing stop once the game is in play – i.e. tighten the distance once into profit ?

  3. All you have to do is guess decide call it what you want which direction the market is going to go ! Now if that had shortened you would of lost a few quid then the average guy would try it again get it wrong lose a few quid again! Same again same again your £100 stake is now around £90 mmm anyone else now this story !!!!!!!!!!
    Bet Angel is good I use it daily but don’t believe it is this easy folks you will get bitten frequently trust me

  4. Hi Peter, is this suitable for only the Lay bets? How can i use this if my original bet is a Back bet?

  5. I'm a big fan of the trailing stop loss for emotion management, it helps me hold my nerve rather than close out after the trade goes profitable and, as you say, the rewards can be spectacular.

  6. Tried this strategy out last night and it is a dream come true. The fact that you can potentially win large sums of money but only losing potentially a small amount of your stake is just fabulous! I think, however, it is finding the right runner on which to use the strategy. So, initially, I'll stick with odds on favourites in small to medium-sized fields.

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