Betfair trading – Using the advanced Dutching calculator on Bet Angel

Dutching is the process of backing more than one selection in a market to make a profit. Bet Angel not only allows you to back more than one selection but to also nominate a target profit or loss against each individual selection. betfair

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  1. As a newbie please could you advise me on the following questions. When dutching, which is the best way to go regarding getting matched, is it to Back or Lay?

    If you use the fill or kill feature in Bet Angel, does it kill all the bets if only one has failed to be matched, or does it only kill that one bet?

    This one may be obvious to you, but is there a way to know how much is available on the Betfair exchange for your dutching selections to be matched?

    Is it possible to Lay all choices and still make a (even very small) profit?

    Thanks for any time you take to answer.
    All The Best

  2. During dutching when I place bet…..the odds suddenly change n game goes against me…..

  3. I know Bet 365 is a bookies and not an exchange like Betfair. However, Bet 365 is giving a refund on all football score markets if there is a nil nil draw. Can the Bet Angel Dutching tool dutch for bookies?
    All The Best: Laura.

  4. What's preventing a trader from staking to return a pre-selected and guaranteed (for example) £20 per game regardless of the result?

  5. So Bet Angel allows you to cover all potential outcome scores in a match and still make a profit? It also allows you to scratch profit from scores that are unlikely without losing more than a few pence if they come in? Have I got that right?

  6. Still worth watching this again..9 years later…Can't believe I didn't act before. Still requires good money management along the way and a selection plan before the game(s).

  7. If you were to back all with margin maker selected on, for e.g. 0-0,  for 10% and 0-0's odds never drifted is there a way to salvage the bet?

  8.  I have a question for Peter or anyone who can answer, if I put in odds lower than what they currently are will bet angel hold the bet on the dutching screen until and if the price is matched? On betfair of course you can no longer keep back bets in play as they match to the nearest price, or would I have to set up a trigger?

  9. @miketysonthegreat – You need to decide when to green or you can use the autotrading capabilities to exit a trade for you. It's up to you.

  10. does is green automatically when game is finished or do u have to do the greening urself during the game?

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