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Hello Hello Hello! Welcome to my channel!

Like I said in the video, I’m getting fed up with people on YouTube offering finance advice, expecting us to be able to follow when they don’t give us the steps, they show us their profit but don’t show us how they go there!

At First Hand Finances we’re going to do everything FIRST HAND with NO BULLSH*T! It’s simple we’re going to try out every possible *get rich quick* scheme online, from stocks to dropshipping we’re giving everything a go and creating our own guides for people to follow in the future.

I’m going to make mistakes so you don’t have to!
If you need to get in touch drop me a DM over on Twitter!

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  1. Caan berry gives you horses every day on his website which he thinks will be front runners and therefore their odds will drop to be able to dob, and he knows a thing or two about trading on betfair might be worth a look 👍

  2. It does work you just have to dedicate some time to finding the horses. There are tools available online which you can use to find dobs more easily. Look for horses which Dob 70% of the time so to focus on the better horses.

  3. You failed to tell your subscribers, that in order for the lay bet to be matched, you have to go in play, therefore the keep in play button must be clicked, failing to do so means your lay bet will be cancelled at the off.

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