Football Betting Strategies – Under 2.5 Goals – Advanced Strategy to Profit on Betfair

One of the drawbacks of the Under 2.5 Goals market can be the odds offered pre-match. It’s not massively difficult to predict which matches should be low scoring, or at least there are always some obvious matches that will stand out. In these cases, the bookies will offer odds accordingly and it’s not unusual to find odds of as low as 1.65 for Under 2.5 Goals in some cases.

When sending out selections to subscribers I don’t include these matches as they don’t represent good value as a straight pre-match bet. So what if we can find away to increase these odds (admittedly with a bit of increased risk)? Let’s take a look………

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  1. you soon give up on this once you get one or 2 wacks and relise its going to take a long time to gain that back hoping you can scalp the next 20 matches and not get cought out its such a daft thing to do just dont do it, learn to scalp pre match its much safer and your not going to get whiped out like you would using this strat, i have seen so many games that go from dead to instant goal and theres nothing you can do about it if your making like £3 or £5 per scalp session and you would have to be using £100 stakes for that to keep the scalping sesssion short once a goal goes in its a big hit like 30% or more depending what time the goes goes in doing this once or twice maybe on a game that you can clearly see its dead and i mean dead like players are drinking coffee on the side theres no interest what so ever then go for it but not very offen you will find them games and when you do there normally played in timmys backyard and theres about 13p in the market lol

  2. Good video well explained
    Not so good thos, lost 51% on the one made 26% on the other, low stakes helps.

    trying these later for larger stakes

    AFC Wimbledon v Cheltenham out at 50 mins
    Hibernian v Hearts out ar half time
    Uruguay v Venezuela out at 35 mins

    I do about 30 of these a week, stakes varied
    Like i said % prof long term is not as good as some strats

    Can you do a video on my thirteen mins trade

  3. Today at 5.00
    These could do well for this strat
    they are low in matched money but The odd £5 prof can help
    i would look for goal before 20 mins and out at 33 mins could return 28% to %30 of stake

    Feralpisalo v Seregno Calcio
    Giana Erminio v Mantova
    Piacenza v SS Virtus Verona 1921
    Renate v Fiorenzuola

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