How to Place a Basic Trade on Betfair Exchange (Beginners Tutorial)

You can place a trade on the Betfair website as displayed in this video. However, if you wish to be a successful Betfair trader, it’s going to be hard work. To understand the basics of placing a trade it’s fine, although professional Betfair traders us API products (more info below).

Watch Part 1 of Betfair tutorial for beginners:

Using a trading software application is a good idea. If you’re not sure which one to try, see this playlist:

For more advanced tutorials and information see the video course here:

You can see my personal equipment here:

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This video is a beginners explanation showing how to place a trade on Betfair.

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  1. On my first try of this I don't understand why if I place multiple bets on one game why can't I cash out each one individually and can only can cash out all of them…Also the confirming bets are confusing I don't understand them. It made me lose a few bucks…My question is if I place a bet on a team and that one wins, do I get the profit 100% or will the profit depend on how many people confirm my bet?

  2. Hi mate…how did you figure out how much to add to the lay part of your bet to make the hedge work?

  3. Do you need to provide a driving license to use betfair as I have just recently turned 18 and don’t have 1 as of yet

  4. Forgive me if this question sounds stupid but could I not just put a large enough stake on therefore shortening the odds of an event? I could then lay with the shortened odds (assuming there is enough money to cover that stake at the new price) and lock in some profit ?

  5. Great video!!.
    Quick question, if its the other way round, and u lay first does the "stake" have to be higher than the back ur going to put on?
    Or does it not matter as long as 1 of the stakes is higher than the other?

  6. Okay so I found your YouTube channel a week ago, I'm gonna give trading a go, sounds complicated, so I'm gonna take it nice and slow, betfair trading looks hard but I suppose practice practice practice

  7. I am not clear on the 3 columns for lay and 3 columns for back all mean? and how would you decided which column to pick?

  8. Hi Caan, thanks for releasing these videos, much appreciated.
    You mentioned in one about how pre race markets differ, depending on the type of race. I think maidens were used as an example. Any chance of a upload showing the differences?
    Thanks again and keep them coming.

  9. Did better today at Tampa. Profit every race for a change! I’m doing this on Smarkets only as I have got used to it with matched betting. Think I’m still a bit scared of Geeks toy atm lol.

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