Live Football Trading on Betfair (How To Make An Income Betting on Football Matches)


Live Football Trading on Betfair (How To Make An Income Betting on Football Matches with the Betfair Exchange) // In this video I show you a variety of live football trades on the betfair exchange.

This is a great opportunity for a new or struggling betfair trader to see what profitable football trading looks like. In the video I show the following live trades: Under 2.5 goals, Over 2.5 goals, Lay the draw, First half goals, Back the Favourite and of course over 1.5 goals.

So whether you are a new trader or someone that has been trying to figure this business our for a while, this is a great video to get you started.


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  1. Thank you for watching. If you like any of the strategies I show you in this video and have any questions about them please post them in the comments section and I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible.

  2. Boss, I bet everything according to the calculations, then the big teams lose to the small teams, how is that possible boss

  3. Hey there Alex, thanks for this video. Since betfair and all bet exchange sites are not allowed in my country, I was wondering if I can apply some of these strategies on a bookmaker site. Is it possible?

  4. Excellent video Alex, at looooonnnngggg last, having watched lots of videos, mainly because I couldnt find one which explained why the graph was important, or understand the goals strategy, this clarifies everything perfectly. Thanks.

  5. Hi Alex
    Please can you contact me…or tell me how best to contact you..I need a one to one with you….your videos are great with a higher clear statistics..great job

  6. Hate to be a downer but the FACTS are 98.7 % of betfair accounts lose money over a 3 or more year period, think you can get in the 1.3 top bracket ??

  7. Hi Alex live the channel. What happened to the new horse trading video? I was really looking forward to it. ☹

  8. I feel those who can win with trading and betting doesn't share their knowledge on youtube or sell programs because they get money from playing. And they don't want to tell secrets they have discovered becuase tactic might not work anymore when bookers see technigue. Am I right or am I wrong? Anyway I appreciate your teachign. thanks

  9. Alex do you have any spaces left to work personally with you? I saw it on a video from about a year and a half ago where you offered webinars and personal help etc, thanks in advance 👍🏼

  10. Most of rich people make money,even in bad times and they don’t have to look at the charts or graphs all day,they have professionals who do that for them and they make huge profits and diversification investing should be the best thing to do now

  11. these markets have a natural decline its nothing new

    guessing you had 30% loss on the euros final why not show a few what went wrong, can you show a vid where a goal went in early and what trade you made, all red is more important than green many thanks

  12. Big thanks for doing this video, it one of the best, clear and concise videos I’ve seen for a while. It’s not important whether these strategies are original or not, what innovative is the walk through commentary which is invaluable to all levels, simple stuff like stake entries and exits are very helpful. More of this type of video would rock!in lead up to the new season campaign! Interesting all examples were from Germany, maybe the market is less efficient than the all eyes on the premier league, perhaps you advise these leagues to look for unders scalps!
    One query, if a goal goes in (1 -5) mins your unders €200 stake is in a world of trading pain, how would you mitigate this? Respect Shane

  13. Just a question, instead of laying a bet in order to reduce loss, couldn't you do a partial cashout? I dont fully understand so can you provide some clarity, thanks in advance bro.

  14. Maybe try zooming in on the actual screen when doing videos, the numbers are not visible and it's not always clear what happens and how margins form there

  15. Hi Alex
    I dont really understand the removing your liability side of it I understand what your trying to achieve but not how you go about it. Does it require putting anymore money into the trade?

  16. When you are looking for second half goals and applying your split stake , do you always enter the market regardless of in game action or make a decision on what you are seeing as to whether you enter parts 2 and 3?

  17. late goals for me on favs at starting odds of 1.6 or lower. back a goal post 75 mins or 2.02 for 1pt. Only trade if fav is losing by a goal or drawing. Must be one sided. Have done very well from this

  18. Thnx Alex love your videos! This one helps me out a lot! Quick question. Are you trading the pre season friendly's now or do you think it's to tricky with a lot of players that are still on vacation?

  19. Tried laying the Draw at the 60 min mark last week – and despite stats saying average is 11% of games end at 0-0 – I must just be unlucky – had loads of 0-0's.

  20. No need to thank me for watching! Thank you for going to the trouble to make it.
    I am a refugee from the pre-race horse trading. And although I've had some success there I've never been able to maintain it.
    Now seriously looking at football as it looks to be a more stable platform with predictable market moves. To that end I've started compiling spreadsheets of past results. Surprisingly across a range of leagues from Brazil Series A to the English, Scottish and the Bundesliga the stats are all very very similar.
    Only one question. What is that big TV on the stand behind you? It's brought out the green-eyed monster in me. I don't have a TV (was a taxi driver until Covid so I never really needed one) and I don't even know which platforms broadcast what games in the UK. Any pointers as to do who offers what would be really useful.
    Thanks again for your excellent videos.

  21. Really appreciate your videos but I think you should put your opinions about what if or what if not right next to each other for such a long video. For example your first bet in the video is 1×2 so after you explained your choice you should tell us what you would do if no goals are scored or the opposite team scored a goal. Again really appreciate your videos. Thank you!

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