Betfair tennis trading strategy – How you should really be tennis trading

It’s very easy to fall for a betting system that goes along the line of ‘when this happens do this’. Unfortunately, most Betfair trading systems that do this are just pointing out moments in a match where you get a decent chance of a payoff, the downside is casually ignored. But as I have pointed out in other videos, it’s all about getting a positive expectancy but striking a balance between profits and losses.

When you are trading tennis on Betfair then you need to plan your trade around key entry and exit points.

This is what we discuss in the video. Laying out a strategy and a thought process that which can aim to look for in a match. Then can define clear entry and exit points and define our overall risk and profit we expect given that strategy.

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  1. Hello Peter very informative video! I came up with an idea to create an excel-sheet where I can enter the SP of the players with the current result of the match and the sheet will calculate where the odds should be now. Could you help me with the creation of such a sheet? I know I could use Tennis Trader for that but I can't use it in my region. Thank you Peter.

  2. Hi Peter, thank you for all of the videos, avid supporter of your content. Do these odds take into account for example implied ease of holding serve, i.e say De Bakker held serve, but faced break points in each game where his opponent maybe held serve easily for example or is that just variable?

  3. Anyone from New Zealand here? Can you bet in-play there? Can you trade all sports on Betfair? Thanks.

  4. Hello. When the loss exceeds 60% of our stake. instead of switching players, it is better to cash out and then bet the other player. It's true? to be precise, if I understand correctly, if the loss is over 50% it is better to make cash out and switch. quite right?

  5. where can I find statistics like: Who has the quickest joke, who is the tennis player who recovers more break points, or the tennis player who does more brekkare. can you give me some site of these statistics? if there are not these, give me another, but have useful statistics. I know only Tennisprediction and tennis temple, but I would like something more professional. anyway I'll have to give a database by myself ..

  6. Great video. I've always wondered how those court side traders operate. Do they fly around the world following the tour??….Must be quite a life.

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