Betfair trading strategies – Scalping with larger stakes

This is an interesting video. A lot of trades are very similar but this one contains a number of different aspects, good and bad.

But it also highlights a key area between professional and novice traders I reckon. I have the confidence to hold a position when I realise it’s going to turn out OK but I reckon a lot of people would have cut. In fact I almost did before hanging in there for a profit on a shift in the market.

Link do palpite

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  1. Thanks Peter great video and very informative. You were unlucky a couple of times in getting only part matched but wouldn't it be fair to say you were quite lucky at the end as the price could have easily carried on drifting giving rise to a bigger loss? cheers

  2. Very useful to see.  It would be good to see several scalping trades to see how you do it and how you see and perceive the market to be moving as well as some swing trades too , if that would be possible

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