Betfair trading from a spreadsheet – With Bet Angel

Amongst many things, Bet Angel also allows you to gather data and place place trades via a spreadsheet. This means you can create your own custom view of the market of even create your own automatic trading bot.

This video is a quick introduction on how to connect a spreadsheet and place trades from it. automated trading

Link do palpite

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  1. hi. could i place a formula in the stake column to calculate my stake relative to the odds eg. stake or n11=(m11/10). Just a thought. I'm still trying to connect to the spreadsheet properly. Ive got the video paused at 07:52

  2. Is it possible to bet the difference of markets i.e. Back of 3.5 on one horse and lay of 3.00 on other horse. so it will be the difference of 0.5

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