Betfair trading strategies | How to do AUTOMATED dobbing | Clearly explained

Betfair trading strategies can be easily automated on Bet Angel.

Dobbing is quite a simple Betfair trading strategy and quite simple to understand and implement. A follow-up video with guidance on selections will follow soon!

In this video, we completely automate the process of a ‘dob’ trade. This means that we can pre-load the automation into Bet Angel and then go through the racing card to select the horses that we want to ‘Dob’.

Once you have made your selections you can leave Bet Angel to happily dob away all day and night for you!

To learn more about Dobbing, watch the introductory video: –

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  1. A bit off subject here Peter, but personally, I'd LOVE to see examples of some of the flow-charts that you must use when designing/building the software behind these automated wonders! Obviously, you wouldn't wish to give away any 'trade secrets' but I think an insight into what goes on behind the scenes, would make many people realise just how 'easy!' LOL it is to produce the regular updates that are a major characteristic of Bet Angel and what a great deal the annual subscription fee is! (Grovel over – a free subscription for 2022/2023 being much appreciated! 😉 😉 LOL)

  2. I too wish guidance on runner selection. I have an idea that it's something to do with known frontrunners & websites dedicated to providing speedmaps which help in that cause. I'm in Australia where the sites (such as Timeform ) I've learned of through other YT vids don't apply as they deal with UK races. I can bet on Uk events but would also like to do local!

  3. Great Video Peter. Would like to know how to select runners for Dobbing. Automated Dobbing is set up and ready to go 🙂

  4. excuse me peter where can I find then the automation report inserted in the sense after the closed races where can I find the report on betangel? thank you in advance

  5. I believe this rule set is faulty. The back bet should have "Fill or Kill" ticked. Otherwise, if the Back bet is not matched there will also remain an unmatched Lay bet which would be filled as your selection romps home to win from the front. (It is the law of betting that the lay bet WILL always get filled and the horse always will win if somehow the back bet is unmatched).

  6. Another great vid Peter, would love to see some Lay to backs!! How u would select a runner? What type of races? Would you open the position pre race and how and where would u close in play? I ask this because this is generally how I trade the races and would be good to see how my edge compares? Small stakes and bigger stakes? Fixed liability or not?

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