Can You Profit Betting and Trading at Short Odds on Betfair?

In this video you will find out how much profit you’re likely to make either betting or trading on Betfair when backing at short odds. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when odds become “too short”, however from this video you will learn that the shorter the odds the worse the value is for you, both when outright value betting or from opening your trade at low odds as a Betfair trader.

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  1. Ah yes…I noticed that it took very little to move the odds when they were very high and that they moved at a greater margin than very low odds. Thanks for putting it in maths. Very good info here…subed

  2. At the end of the day it all comes down to your strike rate against the odds

    If you only back even money shots (2.00) then as long as you are right more than you are wrong then you're in profit

    A 40% strikerate at evens is losing money, a 60% strikerate at evens is making you a 20% ROI

    If you back 1.10 shots you need a 91% strikerate before you become profitable

  3. Very good video. Hoiwever I have found over many years that there is actually unexpectedly good value at backing at very low odds (though not in play). Backing at 1.05 gives an implied probability of around 95 per cent. the real probabiility over time in my records is more like 97-98 oer cent. This is in certain football leagues only.

  4. Can you make a video how to find the right price for a football team to win based on previous performance. In one word- how many games are enough to take into account to reach an accurate xG. Thanks

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